How fast can I get my personal trainer certification?


Those interested in pursuing careers in personal training are often confused at the roadmap for certification. Confusion is understandable, as there are many approaches to obtain certification. 

From a standard university education to online certification options, the way to a career in health and fitness is specific to the individual. Once hired, you may also need to complete on-the-job training. 

In this article, we break down some of the most common ways personal trainer certification from ASFA is approached as well as the highlights of pursuing this career path. 

For all you need to know to get started, consider the following information. 

How long does it take to get my personal trainer certification? 

The length of time it takes to achieve your personal trainer certification varies depending on the road you take to get there.

For instance, some people want the standard four-year education and receive their bachelor’s degree before taking additional certification courses. 

Others, skip the studying and go straight to personal trainer certification courses. Depending on the path you wish to take, the time to start your career and the opportunities available to you, will vary.  

If you want to work as a personal trainer for a larger company, you’ll likely be required to have a degree in exercise science or something similar.

Other companies, however, are more interested in seeing your personal trainer certification and experience working with clients improve their fitness.

Any additional certifications that add to your expertise as a fitness professional are sought-after qualifications by many employers. You may choose to pursue certification in first aid, CPR, and other areas related to public health and safety. 

The time it takes to complete your personal trainer certification depends on the courses you plan to take. Some run for a few months and others go for a year. You will also spend this time preparing for a certification exam. 

The Benefits Of Becoming A Personal Trainer 

The ability to stay healthy while working is a benefit that many would call a luxury. For many jobs, staying sedentary in desk cubicles is required for hours at a time, leaving little room for movement. 

Since personal training requires exercising with clients, you won’t neglect your physical health at work. Staying active will also help to control your energy, making it easier to take care of your mind while working too. 

As a personal trainer, you get to help people. Not every career is rewarding, but helping people improve themselves can give you a satisfaction and enjoyment that is unique to other careers.  

Your hours are also flexible, as many training sessions will be based on your own schedule times as well as the schedules of the clients you take on. You can create your own hours to meet their scheduling needs as well as yours. 

Find The Path That Works For You 

There’s no straightforward formula to becoming a personal trainer. To find the path that works for you, do your own research, and consider the above information for preliminary guidance.


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