Reasons to Relocate to Clarksville, Tennessee

Relocate to Clarksville

Clarksville, in the southern United States, is a wonderful place to call home. Continue reading to find out why you should consider to Relocate to Clarksville.

Clarksville, Tennessee’s largest city, is situated in the far north of the state, only a few miles from Kentucky. It has a population of over 150,000 people. Whereas the community retains its small-town atmosphere but provides all its residents with big-city advantages. Those interested in experiencing city life may travel to Nashville which is about 50 miles down to the south of Clarksville. 

The historical downtown of Clarksville is very well-maintained. The river walk as well as a selection of restaurants adjacent to the water are available to the people. 

There are a variety of free activities and art exhibitions at Austin Peay State University which the locals can easily avail themselves of. Clarksville is rapidly developing and every year new people are coming to reside there because of its low cost of living.

Reasons Why You Should Be Relocating to Clarksville, Tennessee 

Even though many families are relocating to Clarksville, TN, the rental price is still much cheaper than in many big cities. Try renting a house in Clarksville while buying a property in Tennessee. When it comes to selecting the ideal place for both you and the family, renting a house might be more beneficial.

  • The Location of Clarksville Itself

Luxury homes in Clarksville TN are popular with residents because the city is closer to Nashville and Fort Campbell. Nashville is known for its vibrant arts and entertainment industry, but also has flourishing communities, unique boutiques, local coffeehouses, and hip breweries. If the hustle and bustle of a big metropolis get to you, Clarksville is only 40 minutes away. Dwelling in Clarksville allows you to maintain a peaceful lifestyle while having access to the Music City whenever you want it.

Fort Campbell is also only 30 minutes away, hence many PCS to the Fort purchase homes in one of Clarksville’s attractive areas.

  • It is Very Affordable to Live in Clarksville- Relocate to Clarksville

According to Clarksville realtor statistics, the state’s low living costs are attracting more attention than ever before. Despite being one of Tennessee’s major cities, the property price mostly is under $135,600.

It is not uncommon to get numerous offers for a property even before the house is put for sale, therefore take the help of an experienced realtor if you are interested in purchasing any property there.

Residents in Clarksville have the cheapest living expenses in the whole state of Tennessee. The living costs of Clarksville rating is 85.6, when compared to average it comes down to a 14.4 percent lower cost of living for locals. Clarksville is 2% less costly than the entire region of Tennessee.
The major factor behind the low rent in Clarksville is the average home value which is $164,500, lower than the national average. There are varieties of houses with 2 to 3 bedrooms available that are both affordable and attractive, starting with a price tag of $159,300. But you can also find bigger and more expensive houses too. 

  • Job Market in Clarksville

The Fort Campbell Military Base, which is the region’s main employer, is located in Clarksville. The town is home to a variety of non-military enterprises connected to the military facility. Several large companies have made the region its headquarters. These companies employ a significant number of people.
A strong market in the eatery, retail, and housing has opened up entrepreneurial possibilities for people seeking jobs as well as to open new ventures. Stores, cafes, and other businesses are open practically every day, and sales volumes totaled $2.9 billion previous to the pandemic.

  • Clarksville Climate

The city has a  humid tropical climate with four main seasons. The summertime is hot and humid, while the winter is temperate yet frigid. The amount of precipitation is significant—roughly 50 inches each year. The area experiences very little snowfall, about 6.9 inches per year.

Summer temperatures can hit the upper 90s, while winter temperatures can dip to the low 20s. When visiting Clarksville, make sure to bring a variety of clothing to accommodate the seasonal fluctuations.

  • Clarksville’s Neighborhood and Social Lifestyle- Relocate to Clarksville

If you’re searching for recreation and entertainment in your new location, downtown is the place to go. Clarksville’s downtown is home to art museums, retailers, antique stores, beer breweries, and local independent eateries dating back to the 1870s.

You’ll find metropolitan amenities coupled with small-town virtues in Clarksville. Every year, visitors enjoy a variety of activities and festivals in this charming place. Every April, Clarksville celebrates its fantastic art, music, and cuisine.  Movies in the Park are all family-friendly activities hosted by the city of Clarksville.

The Blueway and Greenway, which has walking paths, jogging, kayaking, rowing, and canoeing, provide plenty of fun for outdoor enthusiasts.

  • Culturally Diverse

Clarksville inhabitants love living in a city that is culturally varied since the city is Tennessee’s 3rd most multicultural place. The city has a variety of advantages from having a diverse population. Dwelling in a multicultural neighborhood allows residents to learn more about their ancestors while being aware of different cultures located throughout the city.

Contact Your Realtor As Soon As Possible for a Place in Clarksville- Relocate to Clarksville

Since the Clarksville housing market is in such great demand, it is better to get in touch with a local realtor to get the best result. Realtors have access to far more properties than a standard web search might yield, and they can use their contacts to help you choose the perfect house for your fresh start in Clarksville. 



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