5 cool beverages to make with chocolate

make with chocolate

Preparing various drinks with chocolate is quite common, and there is a plethora of recipes to try out. In fact, you will notice that chocolate can lend itself to be a very good ingredient for many interesting drinks. It all comes down to finding the ideal recipe and making sure that you prepare it properly. Because if you do, you can find some amazing results, and the experience itself can indeed be second to none. 

Is it safe to use chocolate with beverages?

Yes, according to OnlineKade.lk (a famous grocery store in Sri Lanka), most beverages won’t be affected by the addition of chocolate at all. So, it’s safe to use, and you do have plenty of different options to keep in mind. It’s all a matter of what you like the most and what delivers the best possible experience. It’s a very good idea to take your time and ensure everything is working correctly. 

Dutch Hot Chocolate

Dutch Hot Chocolate is a recipe that a lot of people love. It’s something that people drink all over the year, not just during the holidays. The reason is simple, this is healthy and very tasty. It’s great for kids and parents alike, not to mention you can optimize and customize the taste as you see fit. That’s the great part, the fact that you can always improve the overall taste the way you want, without that much of a hassle.

Plus, there’s nothing better than Dutch Hot Chocolate made at home. You do need to use dark chocolate if you want to have the best possible results, and then you also have whole milk, with some whipped cream and cinnamon. It’s just a tasty beverage, and one that a lot of people love. Just consider giving it a try for yourself and you will surely enjoy it.

Cocoa Buie II

Cocoa Buie II is frothy, fun and a pleasure to drink. Many like it because it combines a variety of ingredients like ground cinnamon and Drambuie. You can also serve this garnished, with miniature marshmallows. It’s nice to try out and it does convey an interesting, unique experience for you to explore. It’s one of those things that people love just because it’s so tasty and refreshing at the same time. It even looks nice, which is always important to have in a drink with chocolate.

Old-Fashioned Hot Chocolate with Variations

This is a classic recipe that people have improved upon over the years. And it’s easy to see why, it’s traditional, yet you can add vanilla and sugar, as well as alcoholic drinks added into the mix. In the end, you receive something that’s great, enjoyable and exciting, and that alone does make a huge difference. We recommend giving it a try because not only is it unique and different, it’s exciting and it does push the experience in a clever, interesting manner all the time. 

Mounds Bar Cocktail 

It’s a really nice cocktail you can try out, and you will find it incredibly interesting. On top of that, you can easily combine coconut rum with some hot chocolate. It’s a wonderful adult version of childhood favorite drinks, and it’s also a pleasure to taste and enjoy. The best part is that the drink quality is very good, and you will be impressed with the value, quality and attention to detail. With that in mind, the recipe does mimic some of the famous candy bar tastes. It’s just crazy good, and a pleasure to check out for yourself.

Hennessy Hot Chocolate

The Hennessy Hot Chocolate has some cognac, aside from all the hot chocolate. The spiced syrup added here makes this even more fun. It’s a great winter drink, but a lot of people tend to enjoy it every season. Why? It’s fun to prepare, and the taste is impressive. That’s why you must check it out for yourself, and in the end the benefits can be second to none. That’s something you need to consider as much as possible.


We recommend giving these chocolate drink recipes a try if you want something refreshing and fun to drink. Plus, with so many variations and the fact that you can also customize these drinks, you will have no problem finding something you like in the end. All you must do is to check it out for yourself, and the benefits can be second to none. Just avail the opportunity and test these recipes today!


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