6 Successful Advertising Ideas for Your Eyelash Extensions Business

Eyelash Extensions Business

Whether you use the power of advertising for services or products, one thing is clear. Advertising spreads word of mouth and leads to more sales. In this blog, you will know 6 Successful Advertising Ideas for Your Eyelash Extensions Business.

If your eyelash extensions business is ready to skyrocket, here’s a list of eyelash extension promotion ideas you need to know. From solo craftsmen to craftsmen training their skills in hairdressing salons, these tricks will help increase brand awareness and attract new and interesting customers.

1- Social Media Promotion 

Eyelash extension business


As with any other area of ​​the cosmetic business, it’s important to promote your eyelash work on social media. Think of your social media account as a visual profile. From bridal lashes to stunning mink lashes, it’s time for social media to shine.

  • Post-Before & After Photos 

To list eyelash extensions marketing ideas, spark interest with before and after photos. When it comes to eyelash extensions, the before and after eyelashes are especially impressive. Longer lashes create contrast between the eyes and eyelids and emphasize the shape and color of the client’s eyes. They will also help you showcase the different types of eyelash extensions you’ve worked on in the past. 

  • Video Creation  

Wondering how to advertise your eyelash extensions business in the digital age? There are many ways you can use this creative medium to promote your eyelash extensions business, depending on how skilled you are in video production or how much time you want to spend. 

If your customers like it, you can take a live video while you get your eyelash extensions serviced. You can even show how beautifully your false eyelashes come to life with a simple time-lapse with your phone. 

  • Eyelash Product Promotion

Do you have an eyelash glue that you just can’t get enough of or the eye makeup you love? Social media is a great place to share your favorite products. The key to success is keeping your prospects from engaging with your business content.

2- Building Partnership

Building Partnership

When it comes to ideas for promoting your eyelash extensions business, forging a partnership is an easy way to get more customers. Building successful partnerships is a combination of leveraging relationships with people you already know and having the courage to reach out to people you don’t know. 

Here are some tips for building profitable eyelash brand partnerships in the beauty industry.

  •  Know the Eyelash Brand 

Before you start collaborating with the brand, grab your laptop and sit down. Describe what you are interested in and what you would like to achieve through the partnership. If you’re interested in supernatural eyelash extensions check out lashify.com, you may stop using chemical eyelash adhesives. It’s always good to know what you’re trying to achieve by collaborating with your own eyelash brand. 

  •  Collaboration with Brands 

Some partnerships can be established strictly at the product level. Mascara companies can send you goods you are using and both can reach each other’s audience and benefit from brand collaboration. 

  •  Influencer Marketing 

Another way to get people involved with your eyelash extension ad idea is to do influencer marketing. A common idea on how to market your eyelash business is to harness the power of influencers and content creators. 

Influencers tend to have huge followers who can help enhance their services as eyelash extensions experts. They can come for free eyelash extensions and will promote your work on social networks through exchanges or paid shoots.

3- Loyalty Card

Loyalty Card

The Customer Loyalty Card is used in all industries. Whether you’re a coffee shop owner or a hairdresser, loyalty cards are an effective way to make your customers happy. 

In the eyelash extensions industry, there are many ways to include these handy flashcards on your list of eyelash extensions marketing ideas. If you buy 9 sets of eyelash extensions, 10 sets are free, if you buy 4 sets, 5 sets are 50% off.  You can choose a digital loyalty card or a physical hard card, but the point is to make your current customers feel special and give them a reason to keep coming back

4- Referral Promotion

Referral promotions in the beauty industry are good for both the short and long term. Using a referral program as part of your eyelash extension promo ideas can help you increase sales and retain customers. 

According to disruptive Advertising, consumers are four times more likely to buy when recommended by a friend. In fact, word-of-mouth marketing is believed to underlie 20-50% of all buying decisions.

5- Local Advertising

 Local Advertising

When it comes to eyelash extensions ads, local ads may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But today, local advertising can mean a mix of all print and digital. Think of it this way. The further away your eyelash extension business is, the bigger your potential customer base will be.

6- Giveaways or Promotions

 When it comes to marketing cosmetics and how to promote your eyelash business, everyone loves a good gift. The good news is that with a little planning, promoting or offering a product can be made very easy. 

  • Merchandise

You must select an item before starting the promotion. The obvious prize for stylists is a free false eyelash kit or complete eyelash extensions. If you are an eyelash extension expert who works from various angles, such as combing your hair or nails, you can do a combo promotion (free haircut or gel manicure with the false eyelash set below). 

  • Timings

Once you’ve selected your product, you can think of timing. Holidays are a popular time for promotions. Make sure you don’t lose your prize in the bustle of the busy season. There are many marketing ideas for eyelash extensions, from free giveaways to running local ads. The most important tip is to find a way to get creative by talking to you and your audience. After all, brand-building should be an inspiring and rewarding process.

Final Thoughts 

Running a business, especially the eyelash extensions business, is an exciting time. But it’s important not to forget that building a customer takes time and effort. Don’t get discouraged along the way. Continue to do this and you will see the reward for your efforts.





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