10 Dos and Don’ts for a Perfect Cocktail Attire

Perfect Cocktail Attire

Named by Christian Dior in the 40s, Cocktail dresses are now a staple in the fashion industry. Once only reserved for the elite, cocktail dresses are now a necessary item in every woman’s closet. Over the years, designers have spent hours perfecting this particular category of clothing. Thanks to those curious designers, women today have unending options to choose from. In this article, you will know 10 Dos and Don’ts for a Perfect Cocktail Attire.

Perfect cocktail attire came into being when designers combined casual and formal evening dresses. They are semi-formal dresses, which means they are dressier than your office wear but are not as fancy as your evening gowns. 

Women of a specific size and shape always had several options when it came to cocktail dresses. However, plus-sized women got little to no recognition in the industry for a long time. This led to them having limited options in cocktail dresses as well. But with the industry evolving, plus-sized fashion has garnered attention in recent years. Activism for plus-sized fashion and outrage against conventional beauty standards has led the industry to be more inclusive and rightly so. 

This change has also influenced the varieties and options available in cocktail dresses. Fashion designers are now investing their time and efforts in plus size cocktail dresses, so women of all sizes and shapes can style them according to the theme of the party.

Cocktail Attire and When to Wear it?

It is a semi-formal dress code for evening events, which perfectly balances the formal and casual. You can choose between knee-length or midi dresses. A wide range of mini or midi dresses with different colors and prints are available for you to choose from. Your attire should look elegant, but should also be comfortable to wear. Cocktail attire is requested at semi-formal events like graduations, prom, holiday parties, engagement celebrations, or school reunions. Consider the setting of the event before choosing your dress. Choose light colors and less fancy dresses for daytime cocktail parties. Go for darker and fancier dresses for evening events. Plan your dress differently for indoor and outdoor events.

Do’s And Don’ts of Cocktail Attire

5 Must-Dos of the Cocktail Attire

Wear Only One Statement Piece of Jewelry

When it comes to jewelry, minimalism is the key. Too many pieces look tacky and can ruin your look. Instead of stacking several pieces of jewelry, go for one stand-out piece. This one-piece can either be a statement necklace or dangling earrings from a jewelry store in Dayton Ohio. Choose studs and a thin bracelet if you plan to wear fine jewelry. However, do not forget to keep it minimal.

Invest in a Good Pair of Heels

A good pair of heels will enhance your overall look and will exude elegance. A well-fitting, comfortable pair of heels will carry your entire look. Wear a heel size you are comfortable with because you do not want to spend the whole party sitting in your chair. You have several options, from stilettos to platform heels and kitten heels to choose from. Comfortable shoes will allow you to enjoy the party. If you do not want to wear heels, it is also okay to wear a fancy pair of sandals or flats. 

Carry a Beautiful Clutch

Only a beautiful clutch can complete your outfit. Always carry one to any cocktail event that you attend and invest in a few good-quality pieces. These can either be super fancy with pearls and embroidery or plain in shimmery and velvety fabrics. Choose one according to your taste and dress style. Carry a fancy clutch with a relatively plain-looking dress and a simpler one with an intricately designed dress.

Invest in Sleek Trousers

If you are not a dress kind of girl or are not planning to wear a dress, go for a stylish pair of trousers. It is always a good idea to invest in a sleek pair of trousers. Pair those trousers with a collared shirt or a silk blouse, and you are good to go. Do not forget to add a pearl necklace to complete your elegant vibe. Jumpsuits or pantsuits with silk blouses also give you a chic edge.  

Classic Cocktail Dresses are Your Safest Bet

When going to a cocktail event, try to express your personal style. It will make you look unique at the party. However, when in doubt, go for classic dresses. You can never go wrong with a classic little black dress. Do not be afraid to experiment with color and choose burgundy, teal, or gold-colored dresses. In any case, avoid wearing anything too short or revealing. Watch your neckline and hemline. Choose fun and elegant dresses. If you want to enjoy the party, make sure that your outfit is comfortable.

5 Definite Don’ts of the Cocktail Attire 

Avoid Jeans

No matter how wonderful that pair of jeans look on you, avoid wearing them to a cocktail party. Jeans give a casual impression. Wearing it at a cocktail event would seem inappropriate. It does not fit the semi-formal category of clothing. Instead of Jeans, opt for comfortable and stylish trousers. Leave those jeans for more casual events like a hangout with friends. 

Don’t Wear Wrinkled Clothes

Showing up in wrinkled clothes anywhere will make you look unappealing. When attending a cocktail party, you have plenty of time to prepare. Showing up in unironed clothes will give off an untidy impression. Be it a pantsuit or a dress, it is always a good idea to iron it lightly. If you don’t have time or don’t like to iron, simply get it steam-ironed by the dry cleaners.  

Floor Length Gowns are A No-No

The designers said it, and we followed it. Floor-length, fancy evening gowns are a no-go for cocktail parties. Shorter knee-length or midi dresses are considered appropriate for cocktail events. So save that long gown for some other event. If you do not like shorter dresses, go for midi dresses. They have a whole range of options. 

Don’t Wear Loose or Ill-Fitting Clothes

Make sure that the dress you are planning to wear fits you perfectly. Loose dresses do not look neat and make your figure look unflattering. Shop for your exact size or consider getting custom-made dresses from a good tailor. Consider bodycon dresses for a well-fitted outfit. Even if you plan to wear a somewhat loose, flared dress, don’t forget to add a chic belt at your waist to create a silhouette. 

Say No to Sneakers

Avoid sneakers at all costs. Sneakers and joggers are comfortable but not appropriate for a cocktail event. You might want to wear them for your ease, but they’ll only end up ruining your overall look. Therefore, avoid wearing them for the few hours of the party. 

Take Away

Whether it is your first time attending a cocktail party, or you need general suggestions, this article must have cleared up some of your confusion. 

Everyone interprets the cocktail attire differently. However, all these interpretations have one common factor, which is to have fun. A cocktail party gives you a chance to experiment with your personal choices. No matter what dress, shoes or accessories you decide to wear, don’t forget to have fun. Now follow these tips and enjoy that cocktail party while looking your best self.


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