Are You Interested in Building a New Fence? Here’s Some Ideas to Get You Started

Building a New Fence

A person might find they need to install a fence around their property. They may do so to keep children and pets in or unwanted intruders out. Regardless of why a person chooses to undertake this project, they’ll discover they have numerous options when it comes to the fencing material. Consider the following materials in building a new fence as you go to make this choice and research others offered today to find the one that is right for your budget and needs. This blog is for those who are Interested in Building a New Fence. Here’s Some Ideas to Get You Started.

Woven Fencing

Who says fences have to be vertical planks? If you are interested in a new fence, consider a woven design. The uniqueness of this fence draws the eye and adds visual appeal to the landscape. This is one option that should never be overlooked, although it can be challenging to find materials for this project. Don’t give up if this is the style you want. A reputable fencing contractor should be able to assist you in securing the materials to create a barrier you love. 

Green Screen

Imagine constructing a fence using nothing more than plants or trees. Choose the right ornamental grasses or create a mobile vine wall to get the privacy you desire without losing the natural beauty of the space. This simple and natural barrier will be appreciated by neighbors because it blends with other landscape features. However, make certain you know what plants you will use for this purpose. Some homeowners want a fence that remains green year-round, but other men and women want a seasonal fence that drops its leaves in the winter. 

Portable Fencing

A person may want a fence that they can move as needed. Bushy plants contained in pots make it easy to create a portable barrier that can be relocated. They can change the garden design frequently and never get bored with their outdoor space when this option is selected. 

Horizontal Fencing

Many fences today consist of vertical planks attached to posts in the ground. Mix things up a bit by installing horizontal planks rather than vertical ones. The planks running side to side will catch the eye and leave a person wondering what beautiful things are contained behind the unusual fence. This style brings to mind fences seen on farms, but the planks can be positioned next to each other to create a solid barrier and the privacy many people want for their property. 

Retractable Wooden Fence

A retractable wooden fence is ideal for areas on your property that may need to be secured at various times but you would like to remain open at other times. For example, you may have people over and want to protect their privacy. The retractable fence becomes of great help in achieving this goal. However, you don’t want your view permanently blocked. Put the fence away when this level of privacy isn’t needed, and you get the best of both worlds. 

Flower Walls

Install lattice around your property and grow flowers or vines to prevent others from seeing into your home or backyard. This is a beautiful way to install a fence without disrupting the landscape and can transform the area in little time. However, take care when choosing flowers or vines to be used for this purpose. You don’t want to deal with thorns or find you cannot enjoy your backyard because the flowers or vines attract bees and pests. 

While property owners typically install a fence as a barrier, it doesn’t have to detract from the beauty of the landscape. With the right fencing materials, a person finds this barrier becomes a visually appealing part of their yard. Speak to your fencing contractor today to discuss the options and choose the one that is right for your needs. 


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