Selling Homes in Florida: The Home Buyer Option


You may have a situation with your Florida home and need to sell it. This can be for reasons such as debt, foreclosure, a divorce, relocation, loss of job, or death. When you are in a situation like this, you want to quickly sell the property and get cash to sort out the issues.

Now, there are several ways to sell a house and different types of buyers. You can choose to put it on the market and wait for potential buyers. They come to inspect it and hopefully, someone will like it and offer you a good price.

You can decide to hire a real estate agent to facilitate the sale or sell directly to individuals. Another option is that you can sell to companies in Florida that buy houses and sell them for profit. You can find different ways to sell a house here.

Of all the options available, the one to choose will depend on a variety of factors. If you have the time to wait till the property is sold, then you may as well go through traditional mortgage-backed selling. If you are fortunate enough to find a ready buyer, you can involve your lawyer and sell the house to the individual.

Why Use Home Buying Companies?

There are times however when you do not have the time and you want to sell it immediately. At these times, house buying companies are available to take it off you. The advantages of using them include:

  • You get to sell off your property in as little as a few days or weeks and get cash immediately. 

The process is simple. You contact them, they schedule a free consultation with you, listen to your needs, and offer you different solutions. They then offer you a window to accept an offer. 

If you accept, they schedule an inspection, help sell your home and take charge of all expenses related to the house. 

  • They typically can buy your home in whatever state it is whether it needs a lot of repairs or not.
  • You do not have to deal with difficult buyers or realtors. You can do the sale in private and without stress.
  • They take care of the closing details for you, so you do not go through the stress of doing so. You can check out to learn more.

Keep in mind that Florida home buyers can also help you keep your home if it is on foreclosure. This can be done via a loan modification. Additionally, homebuyers typically offer less so using this method will not give you as much as selling it in the traditional way.

Types of Home Buying Companies

Home buying companies are of different types. There are house flippers, trade-in companies, buy-and-hold companies, and instant buyers. All these companies differ in experience, size, and business goals. Depending on the type they are, they can buy a home as it is or only buy those that need little repairs.

For example, house flippers buy homes as-is. You do not have to carry out any repairs which means no extra cost to you. A buy-and-hold company on the other may only buy houses that require little repairs. 

Instant buyers help you sell your home quickly. You also have the option to trade the property in with a trade-in company. You must consider your unique situation and determine what works best for you. This is what will inform the kind of buyer that you choose.

You should keep some points in mind when choosing a home buying company in Florida. 

  • Consider the associated fees and commission. As mentioned earlier, these companies offer less and will also take a commission on the sale. Make a list of these costs and what they cover. Compare this to if you list it for a traditional sale. 
  • See if carrying out repairs can fetch you a higher price on the property.
  • Check out reviews about any company you are dealing with and ask for recommendations from people. 

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Selling your home the traditional way comes with its benefits, but this may not serve you if you are in an unusual situation. List out your reasons for selling your house and weigh your options. If you can wait, you may put your home on the market, if not contact a home buyer to sell it for you.


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