Home Exterior Design: Seven Ways to Improve Home Value with Exterior Upgrades

Improve Home Value

Your home’s exterior is one of the most saleable features of the property. If you want to sell your home fast, improving its curb appeal is the most practical thing to do. Many homeowners don’t seem to think so. In fact, they spend thousands of dollars on interior design renovation without realizing that a key improvement homebuyers want to see is how the house looks from the outside.

Sure, curb appeal is not the only thing that buyers look at when they buy a home, but an improved exterior look will further the chances of you selling the home. Home exterior renovations don’t always have to be large, such as changing the roof structure. It can be on the lighter end of the scale-repainting the exterior walls. Seven Ways to Improve Home Value with Exterior Upgrades-

Change the Proportions

If your house is shaped unusually because of poorly designed extensions by previous homeowners, then you might have to spend on changing the overall proportions of the building. The goal is to improve the house’s symmetry by extending the house either upwards or outwards. To create a more pleasing balance, work with a professional contractor about the stability of the house’s foundation. Make sure you have the necessary permits before replacing anything that is structural.

Upgrade the Garage Door

For most homes, the garage is located at the front of the house. This means that if you do not have a nice-looking garage door, it will affect the overall exterior design of the house. Consider a replacement garage door that will suit the home’s classical or modern design. Make it blend well with the other exterior details to create an architectural balance.

You may also consider automating the garage door. This way, it’ll be easier for you to drive in and out of the garage, especially when the weather is horrid. Think about the design of your garage door. It can be carriage-style or paneled.

Clad the Exterior Walls

If your house has been around since the 1970s, it’s worth considering cladding to really make a difference on the home’s exterior. Cladding will give the home a brand-new, contemporary appearance despite being built more than five decades ago. For a cheaper alternative, it’s also okay to repaint the home’s exterior walls. Go for something neutral or even something darker because dark colors are “perceived” to be sturdier.

Add Lighting

There’s nothing like good lighting to improve the ambiance of a home. Lights can change the entire feel of your home. Consider soft lights that will highlight the architecture of a home at night. You can also add accent ground lights near trees and bushes, while porch lights will be like a welcome sight to behold in the dark. When a home’s exterior is too dark at night, the house looks sad and empty. Add life to your home by installing lights in the proper places.

Extend the Garden

Plant until the edge of your property. Make sure to put a border there using flowers the same shade as your front door. Studies showed that a property looks bigger when flowers up front are almost the same shade of color as the front door. It creates an illusion of space. The addition of flowers near the edge of your property beautifies not only your home but also the entire street or neighborhood.

Replace the Roof

In a bungalow, the roof is a prominent home feature since most passersby can see the structure, shape, and even quality of the roof tiles and shingles. If you can change the shape and improve the existing roof tiles, you’ll enhance the overall exterior look of the home. This is not a significant change for two-story houses, though homeowners must make sure the roof has no leaks and broken shingles.

Update the Front Door

You don’t know the difference a front door makes in a house until you upgrade it. You can either replace the door or refurbish the existing one. This is the quickest way to improve your home’s curb appeal. When choosing a front door, make sure it complements the home’s overall design. For modern homes, you can choose steel or metal. For traditional homes, try to look for something in reclamation yards.

Look first for affordable options to improve your home’s exterior. You don’t always need to go all-out to improve its overall look. The important thing about your house’s exterior is how it makes guests, potential homebuyers, neighbors, and ordinary passersby feel. Look at it from their perspective, so you can judge for yourself the best improvements to make.


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