Top 5 Kitchen Appliances You Should Have

Kitchen Appliances You Should Have

Most kitchens in the US will have three main appliances, a cooker, a fridge, and a washing machine. Perhaps smaller apartments will forgo the washing machine in favor of a communal area, and others might use a microwave instead of a cooker.

Regardless, most homes have some kitchen appliances already installed. So perhaps, this article should be titled 5 alternative appliances you should have or 5 appliances a modern kitchen should have.

Actually, though, it would be more accurate to suggest that there are 5 compact kitchen appliances that could help you. 

Do you really need an extra kitchen appliance?

Homes around the world are cluttered with gadgets, and gizmos, that were never really needed. The kitchen is perhaps the worst offender for these items.

Tools to slice eggs, hammocks for bananas, and special forks to get gherkins out of jars. What is wrong with a regular fork exactly? Whatever the reasons are, people have spent millions of dollars on useless kitchen gadgets they didn’t need.

Here below though, are five kitchen appliances you must have that really can help you. Whether you need one or not though, is up to you. 

The air fryer

One of the most popular small appliances on the market today. The air fryer promises to provide you with crispy, tasty fried food, without using oil.

These appliances can be handy for anyone who loves the taste and texture of fried food, such as chicken wings, but wants to avoid the fat and calories.

A compact air fryer will take up little space on a countertop, and is ideal for kitchens of all sizes. They work by circulating very hot air inside the cooker to evenly brown and cook the food. 

A multi cooker

Perhaps the biggest rival to the air fryer, although they are quite different in many ways. Both the air fryer and a multi-cooker have more than one function, although the latter has one primary one.

Multi-cookers are largely used for their pressure cooking abilities. This means that you can cook healthy meals quickly from scratch. They are also eco-friendly. 

BC Hydro, the utility company, believes the Instant Pot can reduce energy usage by up to 70% when cooking. These cookers also have a slow cooking function, but they cannot make food crispy like the air fryer.

Toastie sandwich maker

This might seem like you have entered the realms of student life here, but be patient. Millions of people have a toaster, but if you don’t, then consider a sandwich maker.

Back in 1974, Breville made the first toastie machine, and this revolutionary idea sold 400,000 units during that first year. They are the perfect snack-making machine. Although they are largely associated with cheese, they can be used for healthier or just alternative recipes too.

Try banana and honey, or swap cheddar for feta and add jalapenos to the mix. Toasted sandwich makers are inexpensive, take up little space, and are ideal for making a hot lunch quickly.

Electric grill

These grills are an alternative way of cooking, and they can be healthy. Vegetables and lean meats work well on these grills, and they cook evenly.

 One other benefit from these cookers is that they can be used outdoors, providing it isn’t raining. Instead of using charcoal, or gas, you can use a grill and simply plug it in. They drain fat effectively, and they are easy to clean.

 One downside is that for one to be useful for more than a single person, you would need to take up worktop space. They can be much bigger than any of the appliances above, and they get very hot and can be smoky. 

A blender or smoothie maker

If you are looking to eat healthier or diet, then a blender might help. There are some things you should drink to lose weight, and many can be made with a blender.

 Fruit smoothies, yogurt drinks, and soups are all made easy with a blender. Blenders can reduce time when it comes to chopping vegetables and fruit. Although if you want something more robust, go for a food processor.

Alternatively, consider a hand blender if you want an inexpensive way to rustle up soups and smoothies quickly. 


Each of these small appliances has genuine practical benefits for use in the kitchen. Blenders can be time-saving, and help with a healthy diet, as can a multi-cooker. The latter is also energy efficient.

Air fryers make bad food into healthy food, and they avoid the need for cooking oil. Waste cooking oil is a major problem in the US and is terrible for the environment.

Electric grills also remove the need for frying and much of the fat from ingredients is removed during the cooking process. For fans of quick and tasty snacks, then a sandwich maker could be the answer. Although a toaster oven will be able to make pizzas and hot baguettes too…


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