Top Reasons Why White Doors Never Go Out Of Style

White Doors Never Go Out Of Style

If you stroll down any street in Australia you are likely to see more white doors than any other color. Many of these will be uPVC doors. But, it’s not just the door on the outside of your home. The majority of internal doors in these homes are also white.

That’s a trend that hasn’t changed in years and is unlikely to. The bottom line is that white doors never go out of style. Here’s why.

Quality First

Doors come in an array of different styles, colors, and quality finishes. Before you invest in new internal or external doors you need to be certain that you are dealing with a reputable supplier, such as Parkwood doors.

This will ensure your doors look stunning and are well enough made to last for years.  

However, regardless of what color door you are looking at, you’ll find the majority of internal doors are wooden and they start out white. The other colors are merely added on top, leading you to realize that the original white is probably best. After all, the doors are well enough made. 


White doors have simple and clean lines. It allows them to sit with almost any style of home and enhance the appearance of a space without stealing the thunder. White doors can be complicated with lots of finishing touches and additional décor. But, the usual approach is to keep the door simple and let the rest of the space do the talking. This approach works and is part of the reason white doors have remained so popular.

Color Matching

If you add a white door to any space you don’t need to panic about it looking good with the existing décor or even matching future décor. White doors are effectively neutral, allowing them to go with an array of different styles. That means you don’t need to replace or repaint them just because you are redecorating a space.

Of course, if you do want to change the way the door appears you don’t need to paint it, simply change the hardware that comes with it. Replacing the handle can make a huge difference to the way your white door sits. 


White doors are light which allows the sunlight to bounce around the room. This helps make the room feel larger and more spacious. You can improve this effect even more by adding glass panels to your white doors. Naturally, adding a glass panel will slightly increase the price of the door.


Don’t forget that white doors are also the most affordable. Because they are simple and can be produced in mass they are generally the cheapest option on the market. Of course, if you need to stretch your money a bit further there are plenty of discounts and offers to help you find the perfect white door that will simply never go out of fashion. 

It’s functional and effective, that’s why it is stayed popular for so many years and will continue to do so.



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