Why You Have to Use Instagram Shoutouts in Your Marketing Campaign


People are social creatures, and they believe each other’s words. Words of those who they trust have incomparable power, and even the most elaborate advertisement can’t compare with a piece of advice from a trusted one.

It has never changed, and that’s why nowadays, in the age of social media, Instagram shoutouts are so common. What is a shoutout, you might wonder? It’s when someone promotes someone’s business, products, or an account on their account: stories, posts, reels, the imagination is the limit. 

It’s a simple but very productive way of promotion because subscribers of an account typically feel respect to the owner, often they sympathize with the person behind it. Otherwise, why would they subscribe to this account? 

What are the kinds of shoutouts out there?

#1 S4S (shoutout for shoutout) 

S4S is when 2 people or brands promote each other for free. You do it for me, I do it for you!

#2 Paid shoutouts 

This type of shoutouts is more common when the promoter (influencer) has a sizable following. You can compare it with the advertising for money that we all know about, but on social media.

#3 Voluntary shoutouts 

It’s a great type of advertising since you don’t pay a cent for it! Also, people believe them more than if they see that the promotion is paid. Usually, people who do this kind of shoutouts are in love with your stuff, and they can’t contain themselves but tell everyone how cool you are. Just make sure to find a fit influencer for your campaign like Tristan Tate.

Types and examples of shoutouts

#1 Posts

Sometimes people publish either posts WITH photos of the product they promote or without. It vastly depends on how the owner of the account approaches the visual aspect or on the wishes of the client. It’s important to say that both types work just as fine. 

#2 Stories

Upload a photo, a short video, customize everything to the audience’s likings and enjoy the coverage! Stories are typically much more affordable than posts because they disappear within 24 hours.

How to find a relevant page?

Now let’s see how you can find an account that’s the best for promoting your stuff! First, you should search specific hashtags related to your account (if you want to promote kids’ goods – use hashtags like #babygoods, #pacifiers, and so on). You will see the most popular posts at the top of the page. Go through accounts and pick the one you think is the best. 

When choosing an influencer you want to ask for a promotion, we advise you to be very particular. Check out the number of followers (the higher the number – the more expensive the promotion will be), their profile aesthetics (do you like the aesthetic of it and will you fit in it?), how much action is going on under the posts (fake followers either don’t interact with the account or do it generically).

Another way to find the influencer is with the help of special tools like BuzzStream or BuzzSumo. You can see the list of influencers categorized by the number of followers, coverage ratios, and so on. It gives you a bit more practical information, though you still need to use your perception and vision – computers don’t know anything about aesthetics and appropriateness!

Approach the stranger respectfully – you can send them a message where you introduce yourself, show interest in their candidacy, and offer them something in exchange for a shoutout (or ask about the prices). 

Do not spam the person with comments or DMs – if they want to give you a shoutout, they will respond to you. If not – you can find another influencer. There are many!

Just like with any other promotion or advertising, don’t expect immediate results! The outcome can depend on the peculiarities of an account (it can have a passive following), on how right was the choice of the account (it can have a bit different audience that is not your target), and many other things. 


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