5 Mirror Decor Design Ideas To Create An Elegant Space 

5 Mirror Decor Design
Black classical room interior with a vintage sofa, chandelier, mirror and fireplace

If you’ll look into any well-designed or elegant space, there’s one element that’s consistently present—functional and decorative mirrors. Beyond its traditional purpose as a tool for personal grooming, a mirror is also a creative interior accessory you can use to add a finishing touch to any room. Let’s see 5 mirror decor design ideas to create an elegant space.

Just like clocks, tapestries, and other accessories you can use to adorn any given space, mirrors can magically transform an area by making it appear brighter and bigger. If you’re new to mirror decor, you may find it a bit tricky to decorate if you already have an interior style to maintain or enhance. The key is to know the right mirror to pick based on the space’s existing theme.

Mirror Decor And More

Suppose you want to create an elegant space or add some flair to an already elegant room. If so, here are some mirror decor design ideas you might want to use:

1. Add A Large Mirror In The Master Bedroom 

Empty walls are always the perfect canvas for a large fancy mirror. Aside from making the room seem bigger and brighter, the mirror can also make the otherwise dull mantel appear interesting and elegant in more ways than one. The bigger the mirror, the better. However, you should ask for help when decorating or remodeling the space, especially if you have no idea how to hang a heavy mirror.

The most common mirror shape for such a design idea would probably be rectangular or square-framed ones. However, you shouldn’t limit yourself when it comes to using different sizes and orientations. Round mirrors can also look just as elegant, as long as you pick a beautiful frame and quality mirror to suit your refined taste.

2. Design A Gallery Wall 

Do you like paintings, framed photographs, or other similar artwork? If so, one great idea is to design a gallery wall that features beautiful framed artwork and mirrors. An ornate gilt mirror, in particular, would be perfect in the middle of all the other art pieces surrounding it.

This idea will suit well in bedrooms, living rooms, or even in the hallways of your home. Even your office can also look more stylish with this little project, especially if you’re able to pick delicate pieces to complete the gallery.

3. Lean An Overscale Mirror Against The Wall 

If you’re stuck between creating an elegant space and transforming the place into something cozy and comforting, why not make it easier and go for both? Simply leaning an overscale or oversized mirror against the wall can make the room homey without losing the decor’s elegance.

Lean An Overscale Mirror Against The Wall
Luxurious Art-Deco entrance hall with a large designer mirror in gold frame and built-in console decor. 3D render.

You can try this idea in the living room, especially if you have sconces or pendant lights. The mirror would reflect the light from the fixtures, adding a little drama to the space. Or you can also place the mirror near big windows to accentuate the natural light coming through.

4. Pick Gold-Framed Mirrors

Nothing can look more elegant than the rich color of gold in furniture pieces and accessories. If you’re one to embrace such a bold hue for your home, you can add edgy mirror decor to different parts of your space. One idea is to place a gold-framed mirror over a vintage cabinet that screams subtle elegance.

On top of the cabinet’s surface, you might consider adding vases of different heights and shapes. Bowls, platters, and jars can also be placed along with the vases. If you want an extra layer of dramatic accent, sophisticated candleholders are also a good addition. Of course, the gold tone should be equally prominent for a more elegant touch.

5. Go The Extra Mile With Floor-To-Ceiling Mirrors 

If your goal is to make a small space look broader and more vibrant, why not go all out and install floor-to-ceiling mirrors? In most elegant homes, this is no longer a new idea. Interior decorators often suggest this type of mirror decor to homeowners who wish to be elegantly bold in their personal style.  

The mirror could serve as a backdrop, and you can add more decorative pieces over to give your space a luxurious, sleek feel. You can add lamps and small cabinets to complete the elegant yet subtle look. If you have a colonial-style living room, these ideas would be a fresh addition.

Final Words 

You’ll never run out of mirror decor design ideas if you want to create an elegant space. You can add a large mirror in the master’s bedroom, design a gallery wall, pick mirrors in gold frames, or simply lean an oversized mirror against the wall for a dramatic touch. For an all-out style and elegance, you can install floor-to-ceiling mirrors in some parts of your home too. 



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