Common Window Issues and How to Fix Them

Common Window Issues

Windows have moving parts, so they need proper care to keep them working efficiently. Like any other part of the home, they are also subject to natural wear and tear. As a homeowner, you may encounter issues with your windows at some point. There are those that you can quickly fix on your own, but others may require the help of professionals. We listed some of the most common window issues and how to solve them. 

Drafty window

Drafts or gaps in your window could cause your energy bill to go up. It’s because your HVAC system needs to work harder to achieve your ideal temperature. It will also be challenging to keep your space warm or cold due to this. Sealing the gaps with weatherstripping or caulking products will fix the issue. 

Painted shut window

If your home is newly painted, and your window fails to open, check if the paint is the cause. The paint may dry, which could stop the window from moving. You can avoid this by taking extra precautions when painting around the window area. However, if you are already faced with the problem, the best thing to do is remove the paint that shut the window carefully.  Use a putty knife or something similar to that. Your local hardware store will carry these tools. 

The window does not open

If the window does not open at all, and the problem is not caused by paint, look for something that may cause it to get stuck, like dirt or debris. However, if you can’t find anything, get the help of an expert. They will ensure that you get the best solution to prevent the problem from worsening, especially if it’s a crittall window. Check out the for professional crittall window repairs or crittall replacement. 

It does not stay open

You may want to keep your window open to let natural light and the cool breeze come in when the weather is nice. However, if it doesn’t stay open, it can be frustrating. A common cause of this is that the balances may have disconnected from the sash. Reconnect them, and see if this fixes the issue. If they are connected, it could also be that the balances are broken. Replacing them will resolve the problem. 

It does not close

A window that doesn’t close also provides discomfort and safety concerns. Dried paint will not only cause the window not to open, but it could also be the culprit on why it would not close. Check for paint around the window and remove with a putty knife. Other possible causes are loose fasteners, lack of lubrication, and dirty tracks. Look for loose fasteners and tighten them. Lubricate moving parts, including hinges, and clean tracks of dirt

Leaky window

The leak on your window requires immediate fix because it could cause the growth of mould, which is bad for your family’s health. Check the cause of the leak, like damaged sealant or broken weatherstripping, and replace them. It could also be caused by improperly installed flashing, which you should leave to the specialists.

Perform a regular check on your windows to determine issues and fix them as soon as possible. Early detection and repair will save you from more severe and costly problems.


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