6 Pro Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Staircases Clean And Shiny

Staircases Clean

In almost any house or commercial establishment, the stairs play an integral role. It can be a focal point in any home or workspace, both as a stand-out and functional element. Sadly, not all homeowners and business owners can keep up with the maintenance tasks until it’s already too late. Stairs have to endure constant traffic, especially in large households or commercial spaces. Most are subject to wear and tear conditions as much as the flooring. If you want to maintain your staircase’s beauty and overall structural integrity, it’s crucial to provide it with proper care. Here are several maintenance tips to ensure your staircases stays clean and shiny:

  1. Inspect The Staircase

Safety should be your priority before concerning yourself with the aesthetics of the staircase in your home or workspace. With continuous use, the treads are likely to develop cracks while the wedges start to loosen up, which is responsible for the creaking sound when you step on them. Make sure you carefully inspect every step and watch for creaking. If you’re able to detect these issues, you can prevent them with a replacement job.

You should try to pinpoint if there are loose railings, posts, and balusters during your routine inspection. If there’s extensive damage to the structure after the review, it’s best to go for a replacement and redesigning project as a safe option. With this approach, it’ll be an affordable option than restoring an old staircase. If you’re considering replacing your old stairs, checking out prefabricated commercial stairs from reliable providers would help. 

  1. Perform Thorough Cleaning

When cleaning the staircase, it’s best to begin from the top part and steadily move down since dust, dirt, and other particles are likely to fall from one step to another while cleaning. Don’t forget to take into mind the material of the stairs. Both non-carpeted or hardwood stairs are easy to clean than those with carpeting, and you only need to use a brush or broom. As for carpeted stairs, you need to vacuum to thoroughly clean all the crevices.

Here are several cleaning tips to keep your stairs free of dirt and debris: 

  • It’s best to leave the vacuum at the bottom of the stairs while using a broom to start cleaning from the top. Sweep away any debris, dust, and dirt to the bottom step. Once you reach the base, use the vacuum to clean up all the debris. When cleaning the railings and crevices, you can use a hand brush to ensure that every part of the staircase is clean. 
  • After removing any dirt, dust, and debris from the staircase, you must wipe down all the surfaces to pick up any leftover residue. Use a moist or damp cloth to wipe down every step. After wiping, make sure to dry the steps right away with a towel. If you allow the water to linger, it might seep into the wood, resulting in rot or mold formation. When the steps of the staircase are steel or tile, make sure they’re dry since water puddles can pose a safety hazard, increasing your risk for falls. 
  • The railings and balusters are also likely to end up with layers of dust and debris. Although they’re not as dirty as the steps, it’s best to include them in your routine cleaning or clean them every two weeks. With a damp cloth, wipe every railing and baluster. Don’t forget to dry them off right away to prevent rot or mold from forming.  
  1. Prevent Marks Or Stains  

When you have wooden cantilevered stairs, it’s crucial to provide them with proper protection. You might want to consider adding carpeting or a rug runner to your staircase. The material will protect the treads and risers from unsightly marks and any imperfections.  

Additionally, the rug runner or carpeting will impart an aesthetic element to your home. It’s best to select a carpet or rug runner that matches the theme or design of the room. 

  1. Preserve The Appearance

A wooden staircase will require thorough maintenance than other types if you want to maintain its vibrant look. One of the tasks you need to remember is the application of oil with preservatives.  

Make sure you polish the stairs at least once a month and once every two weeks for the railings. Allow the oil to settle fully. Complete the task by coating the surface of the stairs with a layer of wax and varnish. 

  1. Maintain The Stair’s Aesthetics  

After determining the overall integrity and performing regular cleaning of the staircase, you can check the visual elements. Always remember that with constant use of the stairs, several visual elements are likely to deteriorate.  

You might find a baluster with dents or discoloration in one of the treads, especially those under constant exposure to sunlight. If you happen to see these issues, these components might require a restoration or replacement job to preserve the overall appearance of the staircase.  

In commercial establishments with staircases, it’s crucial to watch out for signs of deterioration over time since it can affect the aesthetic ambiance of the establishment. Clients might consider a dented baluster or discolored tread as an indication of a poorly maintained staircase.

  1. Check For Signs Of Water Damage 

When your home suffers recent water damage from a natural calamity such as flooding, expect your staircase to endure exposure to the elements.  

Although you might not see the signs, water damage can be detrimental to your stairs if you don’t take immediate action. In most cases, you’re likely to see softening or warping of sections of wood. The solution is no other than the replacement of the affected parts. It’s best to call a professional to inspect under and around the staircase for water damage. 


Proper maintenance of the staircase, whether at home or in the workspace, is essential. When you have a poorly maintained staircase or one with signs of damage, it can hinder accessibility and might cause accidents. With the help of these helpful maintenance tips, you can easily keep your staircase clean and in good shape for years to come.  



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