What Are the Different Types of Wedding Venues That Exist Today?

wedding venue

Are you newly engaged?

Congratulations, but now you have a long road ahead of you! The next step is to start planning the wedding. You need to consider hiring the right caterer, tailor, and entertainer.

However, you also need to find the perfect venue.

The good news is there are a lot of choices. Continue reading our guide right here to learn more about the types of wedding venues. Discover which one is the perfect choice for your special day:

Banquet Hall

Most people getting married look for a stand-alone banquet hall. It’s the traditional choice for wedding venues. These places are often large enough for dozens, if not hundreds, of guests and come with a staff prepared for these types of events.

Banquet halls are often quite large so you’ll have to invest in a good wedding planner and decent decor. A good sound system is also going to be an important factor to consider. The good thing about the size, however, is that you can fit in as many guests as you want.

A major advantage of booking a banquet hall is the fact they often already offer wedding packages. They’ll already have decor plans, caterers, and associated entertainers. They may even offer a wedding planner, further simplifying the process for you.

Hotel or Resort

Are you looking for something similar to a banquet hall but a little smaller and more manageable? You can’t go wrong then with a hotel or resort hall. These places often have at least one large hall intended for wedding celebrations and other major events.

Booking a hotel or resort helps a lot because they already have an event manager. These are people who handle events in their halls, meaning you likely won’t need to hire a full-time wedding planner. The manager from the hotel or resort can connect you with entertainers and their in-house catering service.

A resort will cost you a little more but you get the added benefit of a swimming pool and other vacation amenities that a traditional hotel might not offer. Fortunately, there are financial options for people seeking to rent an expensive resort, like getting a wedding loan by Plenti.

Both, however, are good choices because of the convenience. You and your partner don’t have to go far after the celebration to rest. Your rooms are right there at the venue.

Rustic Barn

This is the type of venue to book if you want a venue that screams romantic, warm, and intimate. Barns don’t boast the large size and grandeur of a banquet hall but with the right decor, you can turn it into a glowing wonderland. This type of venue shines best with warm fairy lights, wood decor and furniture, and soft or Earthy colors.

Due to the small size, you won’t have to deal with too many guests. Rustic barns also keep guests together with wooden long tables. Putting people together like this makes for a more intimate wedding.

Do you want to add something even more unique and romantic? If you book this kind of venue, see if you can use it at night. During the evening, you could light a bonfire and spend time telling romantic stories to the guests.

Beach Venue

A beach venue is a staple for weddings, for many good reasons.

The first benefit of a beach venue is the view. You almost don’t have to do anything because the beach alone is worth your guests’ visit. Decorate a little bit by adding chairs and a few walls for photographs and you’re good to go.

There’s also the advantage of keeping the wedding casual and fun. Sure, you can still dress formally for a beach wedding but right after the main ceremony, you and the guests can all change to summer outfits and enjoy the beach!

Many beach venues also feature a resort host. This guarantees you already have a manager planning the event, a catering service, and a bathroom for the guests. If it’s a big beach resort, it doubles as the couple’s honeymoon resting spot too!

Alternatively, if you prefer to get married by the sea but want it to be unique and luxurious, go ahead and book one of the most beautiful wedding villas in Greece and make your special day truly memorable for you and your guests.

Traditional Garden

Are you looking for a venue that falls under traditional weddings but can still go under enough customization for themes and styles? If that’s the case, you should consider a traditional garden wedding.

Decorating a garden wedding requires a little bit of work. You’ll need a few pillars, grass walls, a trellis, and a healthy supply of fabric and flowers.

It won’t be too difficult to find a suitable location. Many hotels, restaurants, and even private properties rent out their gardens for couples.

However, keep in mind that you need a backup plan for an outdoor garden wedding. Have a tent or canopy available in case it rains. If the weather gets even worse and a thunderstorm hits, make sure that the venue host has a banquet hall to move the wedding indoors.

Country Clubs

If you want the best wedding venue that immediately gives off a fancy vibe, you should book a reservation at a country club. Some establishments will require membership. Others might allow you to use their facilities but for a higher price compared to what they’d charge club members.

Why a country club?

These places offer luxury galore. You get a place to stay in, much like a hotel or resort, and access to their banquet hall. Most country clubs also come with a swimming pool, golf club, activity hall, and other amenities.

You might even find a gym, tennis court, and in-house spa. You could have your honeymoon in the club and not have to mingle with anyone else staying there. A country club is the perfect one-stop shop for a wedding.

House of Worship

Wedding expenses continue to rise with each passing year but holding the ceremony at a house of worship can cut down the costs. The newly married couple only has to pay for one venue instead of two. The church they exchange their vows in will be the same place they dine, dance, and socialize with their wedding guests.

Another benefit is that celebrating in a church helps save decoration costs. Most churches already look quite beautiful and it’ll simply be a matter of adding flowers and tapestry.

Of course, the rules for hosting a wedding in a house of worship change from congregation to congregation. Some places might require you to undergo additional seminars, lectures, or to pay fees. You’ll have to check the regulations for your religion and the local church you go to.

Restaurant Wedding Venue

If you’re on a tight budget, you should list down the priorities of your weddings. One major factor to focus on is catering. A lot of people attend weddings solely for good food and even those close to you will want to enjoy their meals.

Knock out two birds with one stone by booking your celebration at a restaurant or cafe. You might find an establishment that has enough space and the right ambiance for your wedding. At the same time, you locked in their food services.

Make sure to ask about bringing food and drinks from other establishments. You may have to pay extra corkage for the wedding cake and alcoholic drinks. Don’t forget to ask if the restaurant comes with its own sound system or if you need to rent one.


For couples hoping for a garden wedding but with a little bit more style, try out a vineyard venue. This is a place where people grow grapes and other vegetation meant for making wines. A venue like this easily blends for couples shooting for a Bohemian/boho wedding style.

There’s also the advantage of having genuine, fresh wine already prepared for the guests. You can even make the grape-picking and wine preparation a part of the wedding!

Unlike a regular garden wedding, a vineyard wedding is a better choice for smaller celebrations. Keep it intimate with fewer guests, just enough that the vineyard establishment can still cater to the crowd’s needs.

Yacht Wedding

Of course, you don’t always have to host a wedding on land. Spice up your wedding by picking a yacht venue. The larger the yacht, the more guests you can invite.

A major advantage of a yacht wedding is that you don’t need to prepare any decor. Simply being on a yacht, out in the open ocean, is often enough to impress the guests and make your wedding a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You can make things even more memorable by hiring a DJ and a good catering service.

Explore the Different Types of Wedding Venues Now

Now you know the different types of wedding venues. There’s a perfect choice for every couple. It’s only a matter of figuring out which venue works for the level of intimacy and number of guests desired.

That said, why stop with this guide about wedding venues?

We have posts that cover adult topics, vaping, gambling, entertainment, and relationships. Don’t hesitate to check them out too and continue picking up more useful tips and advice today!


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