4 Ways to Deal With Common Pests in Houston

Common Pests in Houston

Whether you live in Houston, Texas, or are vacationing there this summer, you should at least be well aware that there are many bugs or pests you may see. Unfortunately, some that may enter into your getaway space. Be prepared to see bugs such as wasps, spiders, termites, fire ants, cockroaches, bed bugs, or mosquitos.

There are a few steps that homeowners in Houston can do to be proactive in keeping bugs and pests away from their indoor sanctuary.

Seal Up Cracks

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A little opening from the outside to the inside of your home may look harmless, but look at things from the perspective of a bug, and it might as well have a huge welcome sign. Any openings into your home should be repaired with caulk or weather stripping.

Cockroaches, spiders, and wasps are all bugs that will see an opening and go through. Sealing up the cracks or adding new weather strips will also help to keep out the water that draws in certain types of bugs as well. If there are openings you can’t close, a Houston exterminator can take steps to prevent bugs from entering your home and eliminate any that have already entered.

Keep a Clean Kitchen

Bugs and pests are always in search of food. Don’t let them mooch off of you by leaving them crumbs and garbage. Make sure you are regularly cleaning your kitchen, sweeping your floor, and taking out the garbage when it’s full.

Cockroaches especially love to hang out near the garbage and find any sort of food scraps laying around. Food crumbs can also attract ants and spiders.

Handle Damp Areas 

Just as bugs and pests search for food, they search for water too. Humidity and moisture sound like a day at the spa for them. Make sure you repair any pipe leaks, use a dehumidifier as necessary, and ensure none of your appliances are leaking water.

Cockroaches, spiders, and termites all love moisture and will flock to areas that are damp. It’s important to not only eliminate the moisture but also change any sort of stagnant water to ward off mosquitos. Mosquitos will lay their eggs in any sort of stagnant water they find, so it’s a good idea to change out plant water, bird bath water, or rain barrels frequently.

Keep the Outside Free of Debris

The perimeter of your home and the surrounding foundation should be clean to ward off any bugs or pests. If you have any sort of debris — wood, grass, food, etc. — around your home, bugs and pests will be attracted.

Termites thrive off of piles of wood or sawdust, so if those are near your home, you’re putting a target on your back. Spiders also like to hide, so any debris around your house that creates a good hiding spot for small crawlers could soon be claimed as their home, and with two venomous types of spiders in Texas, this is not a chance you want to take.

To rid your home of these unwanted bugs and pests, you can purchase traps and sprays and take action by yourself. You can also try certain natural remedies, including essential oils and DIY recipes. If that’s not enough, you can always hire a professional to tackle the problem safely and efficiently.


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