How To Prepare For Your First Ever Laser Hair Removal

First Ever Laser Hair Removal
Picture of adult woman having laser hair removal in professional beauty salon

Today, one has endless options in terms of hair removal. Apart from the traditional plucking, as well as the usual threading and waxing, now, technology has given birth to the possibility of laser hair removal. It’s one of the best hair removal options as it brings about more permanent results. And, your skin will look a lot better, too. Let’s see how to prepare for your first ever laser hair removal.

Just like any other procedure, however, the success of your procedure doesn’t just lie in the hands of your dermatologist. You have a huge role to play, too, which starts with studying about laser hair removal. The more you know about it, the more you can take an active approach in ensuring the procedure goes successfully as planned.

If you’re considering laser hair removal, you also have to be mindful to prepare well enough for it. Doing so can help ensure a safe and effective outcome. These are some of the best ways you can prepare for the procedure:

Be Honest About Your Medical History

A good laser hair removal clinic should ask you about your medical history. So, if you’re asked that, you have to be very honest. Don’t sugarcoat anything, even if you think it’s immaterial. Your dermatologist needs to ensure you’re on the safe side to come up with a safe and successful laser hair removal procedure.

Being truthful about your past and current medical history also entails giving your dermatologist information on medications you’re taking at the moment. Otherwise, some of those medications may interfere with your laser hair removal success. Or, you might have an underlying condition that you have to settle first before proceeding with laser hair removal.

Be Ready To Commit To Regular Treatments

You have to be very patient with your laser hair removal treatments. There’s no such thing as overnight effects, or that you’re done after just one session. Yes, you’ll definitely see significant difference as to the re-growth, but for a laser hair removal treatment to be successful, you need to complete all the recommended sessions. So, once you’ve decided to start with your laser hair removal treatments, you have to be willing to commit to all the regular treatments.

On average, it takes a total of eight to 12 sessions before you may get the full result. Of course, this time frame can also differ according to your body, like your skin color, and your hair’s thickness. The point here is you have to be ready to commit to all the sessions, for the very reason that hair follicles are all on different growth stages, and you want to be sure each one has a chance of getting zapped.

Stop Your Waxing Sessions

At least as far as six weeks before your scheduled first laser hair removal session, you already have to stop your waxing sessions. If you need to remove hair, at least focus only on shaving. Why?  The hair follicle has to be present for the laser to have a guide on what it should target, so it can effectively hit the hair down to the roots.

When you wax or pluck, you’re removing your hair down to the roots, so there’s nothing left for the laser to target. This can interfere with the success of your first session.

Be Prepared Not To Hit The Gym

Sacrifices have to be made in the name of beauty, and one of these is the fact that you’re not allowed to hit the gym right after each session. Typically, the laser’s heat can stay in your skin for at least 24 hours. So, you can’t go to the gym, hit the beach, do any strenuous physical activity, or do a sauna.

If you don’t listen and you still hit the gym anyway, you’re running the risk of creating the perfect warm but moist environment for bacteria to breed and thrive. This manifests as spots on your skin, and that just adds to another skin problem you didn’t have before.

Avoid Sun Exposure

Avoiding sun exposure is necessary at least on the month leading to your first session, and also in between each laser session. The reason boils back to the way the laser functions. Laser works by targeting all the dark pigment in your skin, which represents your hair follicles. When you tan or have some sun exposure, your skin also produces the same pigment, when your skin gets darker. This will only make it harder for the laser to do its job with distinguishing the points for it to target.


As you can see, there are a few essential pre-treatment preparation steps you’ll have to do to ensure a safe and successful procedure. More than anything else, you have to be absolutely certain, without even a grain of doubt, that you’re putting your body in the care of an expert clinic. A botched job won’t just be a waste of money, but it may also put your health at risk. Because this is your first laser hair removal treatment, it doesn’t hurt to beef up your knowledge by asking a lot of questions, so you’re well-informed of what you have to do before, during, and after your procedure, and what you should expect as well.



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