Tips to Keep Your Kids’ Rooms Fresh


If you have older children, chances are you know the struggle that is making them clean their rooms. One of the biggest problems most parents complain about is the smell that they just can’t get rid of. As a part of establishing their own personality, children tend to be very protective of their privacy and their space – which makes cleaning more complicated to keep your kids’ rooms fresh.

Fortunately, cleaning experts at Castle Keepers – Greenville share the best way to ensure that rooms are clean and fresh smelling – even if you have limited access to it.

Make Your Air Freshener

Some of the simplest ways to keep the air fresh in any room is by using an air freshener. However, the store bought options can be quite expensive if you use them every day. What’s more, the chemicals that can be found in most of these sprays are pretty toxic and harmful to the environment. 

Instead, you can make your own – from much more eco-friendly substances, but just as effective. All you need is 10 drops of essential oils, a spoon of baking soda and a cup of water. Mix it up and pour into a spray bottle – and you’ve got yourself a home-made air freshener. If your children suffer from allergies, perhaps eucalyptus essential oils are the best, if they have trouble sleeping – lavender.

Home-Made Carpet Cleaner

Apart from the air in your children’s rooms, their carpets are perhaps the most in need of some love and care. And similarly to the air freshener, perhaps it is the best to make your own cleaner – one which will be cheaper, less damaging to the environment and less harsh to the threads of the carpet.

Just make a mixture of 1 cup of baking soda, and a nice-smelling ingredient, such as cinnamon. Mix them up in a bowl or a shaker-style bottle. Sprinkle it on the floor and just let it sit for about an hour. After it’s sat there a while, simply vacuum it – the pleasant smell will remain, and the dirt and baking soda will be vacuumed. That’s in addition to the cleaning and disinfecting properties of baking soda.

Limit the Foods Permitted in Their Rooms

Perhaps the biggest source of mess and smell in kids’ rooms is the food and food residue. Children often don’t remember to put plates back right away, so the food can get really smelly and permeate just about everything in their rooms. So, instead of treating the consequence, as the first two tips recommend, you may want to try to nip the problem in the bud – limit the foods that your children can have in their rooms.

Stuff like snacks and sodas are usually fine, especially if they are eaten in one sitting and the trash taken out immediately after. However, foods such as sandwiches, and especially full dinners, such as pasta or burgers tend to have such an intensive smell which tends to linger much longer even after the food is gone and eaten.

Open Their Windows at Least Once a Day

No matter how much your children protest, have them open the windows at least once a day – to bring the fresh air in. The best time to do so is just after they wake up. While they are having breakfast, their rooms can take in the fresh air from the outside.

Not only will the air be a bit fresher after this, but you will also benefit from importing air which is not marred by house dust and pathogens that naturally in the indoor air over time.

Breathing better air in your own home is one of those small things that can improve your quality of life. The best part is – it doesn’t take much effort or time.




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