10 Best Housewarming Gifts for New Homeowners

10 Best Housewarming Gifts for New Homeowners

Being a new homeowner is a cause for celebration, and bringing the best housewarming gifts is the best way to show your support! Whether a family member just bought a new home, or a friend just moved into a new place, they will surely appreciate a thoughtful gift.

When shopping for housewarming gifts, it is truly the thought that counts. You don’t need to dig deep into your pocket for something that they will enjoy! What matters is that they feel the sentiment that you were thinking about them. Even a coat hanger can mean a lot to them, as it may be something that they forgot to buy.

If you’re having trouble choosing what to give as a housewarming gift, then we’re here to help you out. Check out this list of the ten best housewarming gifts that new homeowners will surely appreciate!

1. A plant.

Rather than getting them flowers, a plant is a good choice! It will last longer, and it will also serve as added decor for their place. Be sure to pick one that is low-maintenance, especially if they don’t particularly have a green thumb.

2. A comfortable blanket.

Nothing conveys warmth and affection better than a blanket. A blanket will help them feel cozier and more comfortable in their new place. We recommend getting one made with wool, fleece or cotton to offer maximum softness. Pick out a color that is neutral so that it can match whatever interior design they may have.

3. A bottle of wine.

New homeowners need to unwind, too! A nice bottle of wine will be appreciated, especially after a long day of unpacking and moving in. If you want to take an extra step further, you can even include wine glasses to complete the set!

4. A gift card to a restaurant nearby.

As they unpack, cooking dinner may not be their highest priority. You can lend them a hand by getting them a gift card to a nearby restaurant, preferably one that offers delivery! A quick Google search should be able to tell you the best places near their area, so be sure to find a good one they have yet to try. 

5. A nice smelling candle.

A scented candle can easily evoke feelings of home. Try to look for scents that are pleasing, as well as a candle that comes in a beautiful packaging. Don’t forget to include a lighter for it!

A nice smelling candle.

6. A tool kit.

Every home needs a tool kit. If your family or friend is a first-time house owner, then this will be the perfect gift. It will help them with moving in, as it will require some handiwork here and there. The basics are usually a hammer, a screwdriver, a wrench, and a measuring tape. However, there are already tools that come in sets,, so you can look for those in malls.

7. A cookbook.

Don’t just pick up any random cookbook from the bookstore! Try to find one that will match their cooking skills. It will even be better if you can give one that has tried-and-tested recipes. Even if they don’t end up using the cookbook, then it can still serve as decoration for their kitchen shelves. 

8. A set of food containers.

Food storage containers are a must for any homeowner, and you can never really have too much of them. Help them get organized, especially since they may be receiving a lot of food gifts from other friends.

A set of food containers.

Find the balance between practicality and sentimentality when giving housewarming gifts! We hope that our suggestions helped you out. If you have any other housewarming suggestions, let us know in the comments.



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