Tips for Freelancers Who Like to Travel


One of the perks of being a freelancer is that you control your schedule. For many people, this means travelling while working to make the most of the flexibility their lifestyle offers. But this mode of living does have its challenges, so if you’re thinking of making a change to your day-to-day, make sure you check out these tips first for the freelancers who like to travel.

Online Accounting Software

The last thing you want to do while travelling is lose track of your finances. You also don’t want to be in a position where you have to travel home to sort out invoices because something went wrong while you were away. Online accounting software helps you to keep on top of your money wherever you are in the world. You’ll be able to get paid and monitor your cashflow easily, meaning nothing will stand in the way of your trip or your business.

Consider Co-working

While travelling and working can be a liberating experience, it can also be a lonely one. If you don’t have colleagues to share ups and downs with, you could consider co-working. Many cities around the world have spaces where freelancers can go to work in an office-like environment. You’ll be able to have chats with other like-minded individuals over coffee or even meet up for lunch in a local café.

Portable Wi-Fi

Depending on where you’re travelling, you might not always have access to a reliable Wi-Fi connection. This could become a problem if you have deadlines to stick to and no way of getting in touch with your clients. A personal hotspot is the first step to creating your perfect mobile office and ensures you always have an internet connection wherever you go. While this can be an added expense, it’s well worth the investment for the added security it offers.

Know Your Taxes

If you’re going to be staying in one place for a longer period of time, make sure you understand whether you’ll have to pay any taxes in the country you’re in. Sometimes it can be hard to know whether you have to pay your taxes as normal back home, or whether other countries will want a portion of your profits too. Being clear on this before setting off can save you a whole lot of trouble further down the line.

Take Time Off

Because you’re travelling, it might seem like you’re on one long holiday, but it’s important to have days when you’re not actually working to recharge. Schedule your time off as you usually would and go and explore the place you’re living in.

Always Have a Backup

As anyone who loves travelling will know, things are prone to going wrong when you’re far away from home. Losing your laptop or phone might feel like a disaster, but it doesn’t have to be. Make sure you have insurance to cover any expensive equipment and back up all your data online. This way you’ll be able to access all your work and client information once you get your new computer.


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