Sedona Hikes Easy Around Deserted Areas and Waterfall

Sedona Hikes Easy Around Deserted Areas and Waterfall

Deserts have never attracted us, right? Its namesake, a dessert, is something that we can never have enough of, but the desert is where we rarely make our minds go! Harsh climate, stereotypical ideas about desert life have made us think that Mars is way more suitable to live than deserts. Well, Sedona hikes easy will make you think otherwise.

Sedona is basically a desert town situated in Arizona, America. It’s a small town with around 10,031 as per the last census report in 2010.

Coconino National Forest houses most of the attractions of Sedona. The sandstone formations in the midst of the desert will enthrall you to the point that you might start considering moving there.

It is a popular tourist attraction, mostly famous for its easy hikes complemented with magnificent views.

Generally, hiking requires a fit and fine body. But if you are lazy, you need to gear up the courage for the breathtaking view.

This country is famous for its vast stretch of red rocks, as long as three hundred miles. Sedona can challenge you, but Sedona can let you be in peace.

You can gently stroll through numerous hiking sites in Sedona that will gift you mind-blowing sceneries.

Sedona hikes easy

If you are a travel freak and love diversity, do a little bit of research on Sedona, Arizona. Some of the most exciting Sedona hikes easy will compel you to book a ticket for your next weekend and bump into the rocks around.

Baldwin Trail

Sedona is famous for its iconic tableau. If you are searching hard to find it, don’t worry, Baldwin trail is ready to serve it to you.

When you start descending, crossing the creek, you will find yourself in a riparian corridor. After crossing the Baldwin trail signboard, turn to your left. That will lead you to a stream. This, my friend, will be the first halt where you will forget to breathe!

The Cathedral Rock standing high and hovering over the crystal clear shimmering water of Oak Creek is a heavenly view to witness in a lifetime.

Cathedral Rock will be waiting for you once you return to your main hike trail and then take a sandy path into the woods towards the Rock. If you reach the right time, the sunlight will gift you a rich fall color.

If you hike a bit higher, the views gradually improve. After about 0.5 miles, Baldwin Trail takes you through, which then reaches a peculiar draw between a rock butte and Cathedral rock. After this, the trail is plain, takes a curve around this butte, and enters the trailhead.

You can park your car at Verde Valley School Road, about five miles approximately from State Route 179. A portion of the road is not paved, but Sedans can make their way through there.

You will have to buy a pass around 5 dollars per day and get that at the trailhead. The trail isn’t much longer; it’s a two-three mile-long loop.

Sedona View Trail

Sedona hikes easy list can never abandon this particular hike. If you happen to be at the Airport Mesa, Sedona for any reason, don’t dare to miss out on this.

It’s a concise trip, around 1.3 miles round the trip. The cost is just the amount required to buy a parking pass at the Airport Vista, 3 dollars.

Airport Mesa top is known for its sunsets. The hike begins from there. Then it descends a hill meandering through a small bunch of junipers.

The trail then closed at a ridge from where you can access the Sedona Airport Loop if you wish to go further. Also, don’t forget to enjoy the vortex site in front of you. Then climb back half a mile to your car.

Sedona Hikes Easy Around Deserted Areas and Waterfall

Little Horse Trail

If you are stressed out and feel heavy inside, take out your car, drive and park your car near the 310-mile marker on the 179 State Route. A visual treat is waiting to unfurl before you.

Chicken Point is the most delightful spot on this hike. For that, you will have to take the Bell Rock Pathway. Then take a left. A jeep road runs across a dried-up stream bed. Follow that path.

After that, juggle your way through a trail of cypress trees. They guard a stony plateau. Then you reach a gate, after which you view the magnificent Chicken point. Beautifully colored cliffs surround this point!

Margs Draw Trail

This hike is named after a mule named Marg. That mule was a grade one procrastinator. It was an escape place for that mule whenever it used to avoid work. As you see, if you are a procrastinator, this is basically your natural commemoration.

You will first cross Schnebly Hill Road once you start hiking. After crossing that road, the trail enters the woods reaching the Munds Mountain Wilderness. You get a sneak peek of myriad panoramas through the rustle of the trees in front of you.

After walking through small ravines in your way, you reach a point with a sign towards Sombart Lane.  Thereafter, around two miles, the trail reaches its end.

However, the Broken Arrow Trailhead where this trail ends allows further hiking options, which you may very well avail.

Mescal Trail

As you have already seen, the Sedona hikes easy are cost-effective. But if you want to go for a completely free nature hike, drop into Mescal Trail.

Scrubby forests will greet you at first. Mescal Mountain is flat-topped. This path through the forests will lead you up there.

At some point, two signboards are reading “extreme” and “difficult.” Those are actually for mountain bikers. They get the thrill to drive along terraced ledges. But it is effortless to walk. So, there is nothing to worry about.

This is a 4.8-mile-long loop. Park your car on Long Canyon Road, which is around 0.3 miles north of Dry Creek Road.

Sugarloaf Loop

The Sugarloaf loop is another mound of red rocks which forms the base of Thunder Mountain. Teacup Trail is your starting point. At 0.3 miles, you will get past the Thunder Mountain trail. When you reach the Sugarloaf junction, please take it to your right.

Right at the loop, you will experience blissful scenes. But, if you are willing to climb a little higher, then take the summit trail. This takes the road through the back of the Sugarloaf Trail.

You need not be a mountain climber for this hike. It’s not more than an approximately quarter-mile climb at the most, making it much easier than the summits climb we all are familiar with.

Once you reach there, sit atop and let Led Zepplin’s soul take over you while you pin your head in writing Stairway to Heaven version 2.

Sedona Hikes with kids

Normally we have seen hikers, climbers, and bloggers to be a one-person army. However, these Sedona hikes even allow you to take your kids there. As Mark Weins, the famous food vlogger, travels around the world along with his family, so can you.

Sedona Hikes with kids

Bell Rock Trail

Bell rock trail is a Sedona hike easy which is basically flat ground with no height. This is exactly permissible for your kids to have their very first hiking experience.

It is also very short in length, maybe stretching for a mile at the most. Bell Rock and Courthouse Butt’s fantastic view can be your child’s best memory in childhood.

Devil’s Bridge Trail

Well, don’t judge a book by its cover. This trail has an elevation of only 400 meters. It’s a bit lengthier, spanning around 4 miles.

Once you complete this, you will reach the famous Devil’s Bridge. You can even take a stroll on the natural bridge; even capture a family photograph.

However, toddlers cannot take this hike. Children of 12 years or above will be the most suitable for this trek.

Fay Canyon Trail

One of the most sought-after trails in Sedona is Fay Canyon Trail.

Park your cars in the Boynton Pass Road and head towards the trail.

The natural formations of rock will stun you. The different color plays on their walls at different hours of the day is something that you will never forget.

Magnificent Canyon walls, box canyons, red rocks are some of the geographic features of the trail.

The Canyon bottom is cool, and the canopy is awesome. However, the trail takes a rocky base at some parts due to old dried-up creek beds. Also, this canyon isn’t as dry as others on the whole. Tree and associated ecosystem thrive here.

If you go on this trail, one thing you cannot absolutely miss out on is the Fay Canyon Arch. It is in the midway of the trail. This is a point from where you can have a good glance at the surrounding cliffs.

Fay Canyon Trail tops the Sedona hikes easy list.

Sedona hikes with water

Not all of Sedona is arid. Water bodies with over-hanging cliffs give you a feeling of your existence that you won’ really manage to find while sitting in a restaurant.

The driest times in Sedona span across May-June. However, the monsoon brings delight. Creeks become like your natural bathtub.

Play some music, wear some light clothes and swim across lightly in the stream sides! Sedona hikes cannot ever miss out on these stops.

Parsons Trail, Clarkdale

Sycamore Canyon has a wonderful trail that leads to it with desert areas and a long oasis.

The wall of the canyon drops into a creek bed which is below 200 feet.

The treetops, overhanging cliffs create mesmerizing reflections in the shimmering water body.

Sycamore ranks second in its size among all canyons in the state.

The trail ends with Parsons Spring which is another beautiful marshy area. From here, the rest is very arid.

It’s a bit long trail, measuring around 8 miles covering roundtrip.

Here also, nature gives you free entry. You need not buy any tickets or pass here.

Just take your soul and let it immerse. That’s enough.

Rimrock Bell Trail

There are also many swimming holes where you can go and relax your body and mind.

If you tag along the Bell trail, which stretches for around 3 miles, you will get to this swimming hole or “The Crack.”

Also, along this creek, keep your eyes open to locate any other oasis if 6.6 miles covering a round trip is too long a hike for you.

You can take a right from the 618 Forest Road through the Sedona Exit. A 1.5 miles drive will take you to the Beaver Creek Ranger Station. Then take a left. You will reach the parking lot of the trailhead. Admission here again is free.

Sedona hikes with waterfall

It is finally time to check out the Sedona hikes that leads you to beautiful waterfalls:

West Clear Creek Trail, Camp Verde

Bull Pen Ranch crosses this creek before dropping into a canyon. Here you witness stream crossings. There are basically a total of four stream convergences.

The last one is situated after a distance of 5.5 miles. After this, the trail joins back the Mogollon Rim.

This interplay between desert, light, water, and trees gives you solace and is unforgettable.

Huckabay Trail, Sedona

The water cascade is swift and attractive here, surrounded by trees and wildlife. It has an elevation of around 4200 feet.

Oak, cypress, ponderosa pines adorn the region. This Huckabay trail crosses this creek twice, which makes the trail even more eventful.

Boulder-hopping makes it more adventurous. However, the difficulty level is moderate, and you need to buy a red rock pass of 5 dollars per day.

Don’t think, go hike!

If you are tired of sitting at your office desk, if you want to energize your body and mind, grab a Sedan and head to Sedona hikes easy right away!

Bathe in the sunlight, play in the streamside hike, get the hang of the cool air after a monsoon shower. You won’t regret it!


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