Pandemic Birthday Ideas for Ultimate Indoor Celebrations

Pandemic Birthday Ideas

Birthdays are special to all. Thus celebrating the event is great excitement for many. In the midst of the pandemic and all disheartening news going worldwide, small celebrations can make people happy. Here, we will go through some of the best pandemic birthday ideas and find out how to celebrate at home.

pandemic birthday ideas

Usually, people love to celebrate birthdays outdoors with friends and families. However, in the pandemic situation of Covid-19, this is not possible. Even if it is possible, you must avoid it. It should be such that it can make the day special and exciting for the birthday person.

You should not miss celebrations like birthdays due to an unfortunate scenario. Maintaining social distance has not been able to stop people from celebrating birthdays.

In recent times, online processes have been significant in considering the same. People all over the world are making the best use of this medium.

Social celebrations have huge significance in the well-being of people. It is important to maintain connections among different individuals. Celebrations like birthdays can help build positive feelings among people. It also helps in reducing stress during uncertain times, such as the pandemic situation of Covid-19.

Birthday ideas during COVID for adults

Birthday is excitement for both kids as well as an adult. Whether they express it or not, they expect something exciting on their special day. Pandemic birthday ideas for adults will give you an insight into planning your special human’s birthday at home.

The following are some of the pandemic birthdays which excite adults and make memories for them:

Delivery of desert

Birthday cake is an emotion for all. Birthdays without a cake are incomplete. Delivering a birthday cake to the birthday boy or girl would be one of the best ideas. A surprise delivery of a birthday will help make them feel special.

Dropping favorite meals

It will be exciting for the birthday person to receive their favorite dishes on their birthday. Thus, this can serve as another great idea to make the person’s birthday happening in a pandemic situation.

Sending video greeting

Social media platforms are a great means of doing the same. These birthday wishes can go through Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. All these platforms are highly used by people all over the world. Thus the best use of it can be made on these special days.

You can birthday wishes to a person by creating a video greeting card with their photos. It can also consist of photos with memories with them. It can also consist of some best wishes for the year ahead, etc.

making videos for birthdays

Encouraging them to wear something new

You must encourage the birthday person to wear a new dress or dress up according to a theme. Wearing a new dress on the birthday makes the birthday person feel special.

Send them gifts

With the use of an e-commerce facility, gifting someone is not a big deal in this pandemic. A special pandemic birthday idea is to book a gift online for the birthday person. You can book it in such a way that it reaches the person’s place on their special day.

Gifts are a fascination for all. Gifts excite even adults. Thus delivering a gift on their special day will be another efficient pandemic birthday idea.

Setting a virtual hangout

With the help of video calling applications, a virtual hang out with friends and families is easy to arrange. It will help the birthday run smooth with social distancing and not let relationships affect it.

People can make a group to wish the person and spend time chatting online and spending time together. The different video applications like Skype, WhatsApp, Google Due or hangout, Zoom video call, can help.

Arranging virtual games

The family and friends of the birthday boy or girl can also make arrangements to play virtual games. It will help engage all of them together. It will also help them to have some fun time on the person’s special day. This pandfemic birthday idea seems enthusiastic for all.

It also has the capability of engaging people in larger numbers. Thus all friends or family members who want to join can participate in the same.

pandemic birthday ideas

Technology has a huge role to play and conduct celebrations for pandemic situations. The birthday person can stay busy on their special day with birthday wishes from family and friends. They can also get the feeling of being special on that day.

Their families and friends can arrange virtual parties. They can also arrange a theme party by dressing according to a theme and celebrating the same through video calls.

The above-mentioned are some of the most effective pandemic birthday ideas that work successfully. The pandemic of Covid-19 has brought about stress and uncertainty among people all over the world. Thus arranging certain celebrations to maintain safety measures can help to release the stress.

Birthday cake

Small birthday celebrations can bring hope among people. It helps people to stay connected and gain confidence to face this tough situation.

Due to the pandemic, many lost hope for the future. Thus people need to support each other in such a situation. It is also essential for people to encourage each other. This will help face the situation with more ease. The pandemic of Covid-19 is a situation requiring people to stay connected.

Celebrations like birthdays are means by which people can forget the crisis and spend some quality time. However, you must keep in mind all the precaution measures before doing so. Thanks to technology which has helped to people stay connected irrespective of their distances.

The increased use of internet facilities and social media platforms has been a great help in this situation. People can help each other, connect with the help of these means.

Pandemic birthday ideas for kids

The pandemic situation has been responsible for creative thinking among people worldwide. Thus people are becoming creative in celebrating their kids’ birthdays as well.

Different ideas of celebrating their birthdays come up with the budgets required for same. The following are some of the pandemic birthday ideas for kids.

Kids are very innocent in nature. They are always up to celebration for small things. Moreover, they want a day where they get all their special treats and toys.

A virtual photo session

The family members or friends of the kids invited can dress up virtually for the child’s party. This can be some of the favorites of the kids. They can dress up according to themes according to their favorite cartoons, superheroes, etc.

Sending wish cards through mail or other online media

A wish from family members and friends or school companions can excite the kids on their birthday.  Thus the family members and friends can share their wishes through mail or similar other platforms.

Decorate home with balloons

It is effortless to make kids happy. Decorating the house with balloons can help them feel special on their birthday. Along with the wishes, a little decoration inside their house can help them enjoy the day more.

Order cakes with images of their favorite characters

You can order cakes for the kids on their birthday. It can consist of images of their favorite cartoon or fairy tale characters. The kids will enjoy this and consider that the family and friends value their choices.

pandemic birthday ideas

Prepare or order favorite foods for the kids.

The kids love chocolates, and different foods attract them. Thus at the time of pandemic and quarantine, the kids get the food items they love. Cakes of their favorite flavor and good food can help the kids celebrate their birthday in a more special way.


Kids are always to receive gifts from their elders. Receiving gifts of their choice from their family and friends can make them happy.

Arranging puppet shows for them via online media

Funny puppet videos can again be an important event to arrange for the kids on their birthdays. 35-45 minutes of puppet shows will be enjoyable for the kids.

Watching animated movies with them at home

On their special day, the kids expect some exciting activities. Moving outdoors in amusement parks or any other places may be some good options. However, in the pandemic situation, these activities are not possible. Thus watching some good animated movies can help them have an enjoyable experience on the day.

Playing games

Different board games or indoor games can also be played with the kids on their special day. This can help them avoid getting bored or lonely. It can be a total family day that will make the kids feel cared for by their family and friends.

Letting the kid host the games

The games that are conducted to be played, whether online or offline, the birthday kid should host the same. This will make them feel special for the day and have a good time on their special day.

The above activities can be taken into consideration during the pandemic for celebrating the birthday of kids. The virtual pandemic birthday ideas for kids have been helping keep the children safe and make them feel special. They are also enjoying the zoom or skype birthday parties being arranged for the kids.

pandemic birthday ideas

Kids worldwide are adaptable to the changes that have been taking place due to the changing situations. However, their childhood should not be lost amidst these situations. Therefore, people worldwide have been trying to implement ideas from parents who can make them happy.

In this situation, the parents must talk to their children about the pandemic birthday ideas they have for them. The parents should spend some time with their children in discussing the same and making plans more exciting.

Both older and younger kids are required to be discussed about the seriousness of the situation. They can bring about plans that could prevent them from getting infected and celebrate their special day.

party poppers

The parents are required to make plans that can be conducted virtually. The kids on their special day should be able to spend quality time with their friends through online platforms. However, they can also be made feel special by people staying with them at home. This is possible with the activities that have been discussed above.

With the help of virtual pandemic birthday ideas for kids, parents can create some magical memories of their birthday celebration. They can do this even in a pandemic situation. Spending a day full of enjoyment and good food with the kids will create exciting memories for them.

Dressing up the kids in their favorite characters’ attire can make them happy. It can create excitement among the kids. Decorating the home with balloons and toys can make them feel special.

Making use of the zoom or skype activities involving friends of the kids also helps them connect with their friends. Accompanying the cake with candles will make the kids happier.  Candles of different designs are available in the market.

At the time of this pandemic of Covid-19, people look at celebrations differently. Social gatherings, a large number of guests, or outdoor parties are not safe anymore. Social distancing is considered to be significant in this situation.

Birthday is considered to be one of the most important events for all people worldwide. People all over the world have much planning for their birthdays. Layouts, picnics, visiting other places such as amusement parks, etc., are preferred by people on their special day.

People want to spend their special day with their family and friends. The pandemic has, however, changed the situation. Thus online platforms have been playing a huge role in providing an alternative solution to them. Celebrations are possible with these platforms.

Final thoughts

Whether adults or kids all wait the entire year for their special day, thus spending it to the best in their prime motive. Online platforms can help in this pandemic situation. People worldwide are thus planning creative ideas for a birthday celebration at the time of this pandemic.


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