Quick homemade tips for keeping your kitchen clean


Knowing how to keep your kitchen clean is very important, and it often depends on your personal preferences. The best thing about homemade techniques is that all you need can be gotten in-house, so there is no need to source for anything outside. Whether it is a coffee-stained table, a greasy stove, unwashed dishes, or a dirty refrigerator, here are some of the recommended tips for keeping your kitchen clean. 

Keep it all neat and organized

Organization and neatness should always be prioritized. It is always good for everything to be kept in place, this will even help to keep the workload at a minimum. Simple things like washing dishes immediately after they are used and keeping the sink cleaned with a neat cloth can help keep it all organized. It is also good to place all items and utensils back to where they belong after use, misplaced items are an ugly sight. Also, take out the trash. 

Cupboards, Floor, and countertop

Clean out the dust and grease on the countertop and cupboards. A simple soap solution or liquid wash is enough. For the floors, sweep and mop with a detergent and disinfectant. A vacuum can be used for a more thorough cleaning, but it should be used very carefully. For electrical appliances, use a clean damp cloth to clean out the dust and other use leftovers.

Homemade cleaning solutions

A lot of homemade cleaners can be made with common household supplies like oils, baking soda, vinegar, and even ketchup. They can be natural cleaners and disinfectants to remove grease on hard surfaces like countertops, stoves, shelves, and the floor. 

For example, vinegar and baking soda are a very good option, especially if you are allergic to other soap and disinfectants. You can use it to mop the floors, clean your stove, microwave, oily surfaces like frying pans and your ovens. 

For stainless steel like your stove and even your fridge, a way to clean it very well, while leaving a good smell is to mix lemon with either water or vinegar. This is especially helpful where your fridge gives out a foul smell due to rotten or untouched food. The solution also works well with your microwave.

Hydrogen peroxide can be your trusted option for removing all types of grease and even hard water on steel and electrical appliances. However, it should be used carefully as it is a very powerful disinfectant. 

It is recommended that a professional maid help out with these homemade solutions to prevent accidents.  You can easily find a house cleaning company in arlington tx, or any other part of the country. 

Finally, the kitchen floor. It is always covered with germs and dirt from cooking, trash, and waste leftovers, dust, and other debris. You can use vinegar, lemon, and a simple disinfectant to mop out the floor. Other options are hot water solutions with lemon and soap on a wooden floor to clean out the extra tiny dirt in the corners of the floor.


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