Why do you need to paint your cladding?

paint your cladding

Cladding uplifts the look of your house. It keeps up the appearance and enhances the patchy-looking brickwork into something amazing. It is exciting to replace the already worn-out and rotting clads on the exterior of your house. In this post, you will get to know why do you need to paint your cladding.

Cladding acts as an extra layer of protection. It is an attractive addition to your outdoor exterior that keeps the eyes of the neighbors on your house. Moreover, they provide insulation to your house. It also reduces the risk of further damage to the broken brickwork of your house.

There are different materials of cladding available. Brick is a smart choice that requires less maintenance. Weatherboards are weatherproof boards that are available in timber, steel, aluminum, and wood effect look.

PVC is also a popular choice for cladding. It is available in different sizes. If we compare brick, timber, and concrete with PVC, PVC is the most effective material that comes with thermal insulation. PVC is a cost-effective choice that does not require any maintenance. However, if you want to keep your house look appealing and attractive you can opt for getting Upvc cladding paint.

Painting the upvc is a great idea if you want to enhance the appearance of your house in a cost-effective manner. Adding a stroke of paint to the UPVC cladding improves the aesthetic and look of your house.

What are the benefits of painting the cladding? 

If you are planning to install PVC cladding in your house, you must be aware that it does not require much maintenance. You can clean it with a detergent and do not even require paint. However, if you are particular about the appearance of your house, using upvc paint to revamp the look of your cladding is going to make a big difference.

Different aesthetic options: 

Cladding adds value to the look of your house. No matter what kind of cladding you have in your house, if you get it painted, there are different aesthetic options for you. You can choose to form a wide range of color options. It is always good to choose bright and fresh paint. It fits the designs and architect of your house and adds an appealing touch to it.

If you have brick cladding in your house, you can opt for a rustic look. For PVC, you can choose a more polished and smooth look.

Always make sure that the color you choose matches with the existing color scheme of the room or the exterior of the house. There is no point in using a color that does not go well with the whole look. It only looks disappointing and unacceptable.


UPVC cladding paint not only adds a modern touch to your house but also protects your cladding from wearing off. It is best to use long strokes of paint to have a smooth finish. The smoother the paint is the better the cladding looks and the more protected it is.

You can paint your cladding in a variety of different colors. No matter what color you choose, make sure that the paint protects your cladding from the harsh elements of weather.

Cladding is mostly a part of the exterior of your house. However, in modern houses, cladding is even done in the interior. You can get the wooden cladding painted in a rustic look in your bathroom to add a modern touch. Moreover, the paint protects the wooden panel in your bathroom from getting damaged.

Less repair and maintenance are needed. 

If you are planning to paint the cladding of your house, it is always best to choose a water-resistant and weather-resistance cladding paint. It would not only give your cladding the protection it needs, but it also makes it durable.

Yes, the highest quality paint makes the cladding last longer. There is no need for any frequent repairs. With the uPVC cladding paint, you don’t need any kind of maintenance. The cladding is not prone to wear and tear because of the high-quality paint.

Can you paint UPVC cladding? 

If you are wondering whether you can paint the UPVC cladding or not, we have a well-researched answer to your question.

Cladding is done on the exterior of the house usually in drainage systems, gutters, and exterior paneling. Due to the slick surface of the material, the paint is prone to flake away.

However, with the advancement in paint technology, there are better and top-class upvc paints for upvc. You can make your upvc cladding look as good as new with the uPVC paint.

It is always good to use a primer before painting. However, if you are using a top-class upvc paint, you might not need to do the priming.


All in all, painting the exterior of your house changes the look completely. You need to keep in mind the material of the cladding. Each type of cladding requires a different kind of paint. You can get the advice of an experienced painter to choose the best paint for your cladding.



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