7 J-Hope Fashion Moments That Needs More Spotlight


Jung Hoseok has always captured people’s attention for his bright personality and unique (sometimes wild!) taste in fashion. Off-stage, he’s a ray of sunshine; on-stage, he’s a force to be reckoned with. In both cases, we always see him rocking fashion pieces that not everyone has the courage to wear. But somehow, he always manages to make them all look fresh and stylish. Let’s see about J-Hope fashion moments.

Many people like him. Guys, like John Cena, admire him for his dance moves and style. And women, some may pray for a professional matchmaker to find them a man who has his humor, talent and fashion sense. 

Although J-Hope can look good in anything from tuxedo’s to sweatpants, we’ve narrowed down seven fashion moments that are purely J-Hope and need to be put in the spotlight more.

  1.  Hobi and His Balenciaga Triple S Sneakers

Everyone knows that Hobi is a huge sneaker-head. Being the main dancer of the group, we often see him wearing comfortable and baggy clothes. One of his most unforgettable fashion statements was the pair of Balenciaga Triple S that we saw him wear so many times during the DNA era. He would post OOTDs on Twitter where we see him pairing the ginormous sneakers (he got them in different colors) with baggy pants, colored pants, denims, and shorts.

Armies have commented that he wore them too much at that time, but he just didn’t care. He loved those shoes, and he’s the few ones who can rock them in all colors.

 2. All Hoseok and Baggy Clothes Moments

Hoseok in baggy clothes just hits differently. Why? It’s because when he wears baggy clothes, he mixes and matches different colors and patterns that the look completely belongs to him. He just doesn’t wear monochromatic outfits, or wear a patterned oversized jacket with dark baggy pants, he goes all out and experiments. Not to mention, he sometimes adds accessories so quirky it’s hard to tell how he can pull them off. In the end, he always looks so fun, comfortable, and stylish.

3. Hobi in Denim Shorts and Moonboots

Everyone seems to love what the Butter-era did to J-Hope. The blonde hair, the muscles, the confidence, and then the shorts. Whoever is putting Hobi in shorts more these days deserves a raise. He has always been very confident and not afraid to show off his toned legs, but with his more muscular look these days, he gives off a stronger vibe in shorts even if they’re above-the-knees just like in his Butter teaser photos. He looks as refreshing and fun as always despite pairing them with winter boots.

4.  Hobi’s Dad Fashion

J-Hope has established that he’s not afraid to wear patterns, and a lot of it. The weird thing about it is not how much he wears them all together, but how normal he looks when he wears different patterned clothes. Some are in neutral tones, some in camos, and sometimes, his accessories would also standout. One particular airport look stood out where he wore a tattered red gingham vest over a striped brown shirt, tanned loose shorts, then he donned a KAWs camo cap, Chanel glasses, jumbo dad slip-ons, and if the eyes on his cap weren’t enough, his bag also has a face. Even with each distinct piece, he managed to look relaxed and comfortable.

 5. The Classic J-Hope Look

The classic J-Hope look would have to include a pair of joggers and visors. You can see him rocking this look in their DNA dance practice video. He was also spotted wearing the look in the “Idol” music video, and he’s also seen sporting them a lot in his selfies. The way he confidently wears visors and joggers with his hair freely parting in the middle makes them look super cool.

J-Hope has been seen wearing a ton of visors since his debut days in 2013, up until today, and he wears them with anything. So, if you want to experiment with visors and are curious as to how they will look with certain types of fabric and colors, just Google J-hope and visors to get some fashion inspiration.

J-Hope is a fashion chameleon. He’s been serving unique looks since the early BTS days. He’s one of the members who have started the journey knowing what his brand and look are going to be. No matter how much BTS’ net worth has changed, J-Hope has always been fun, daring, fresh, and unafraid, both onstage and in fashion.

He’s never boxed himself into one style. J-Hope continues to wear brands from both renowned and independent designers. He’s able to wear and rock any clothes and accessories he chooses. And if there’s something that should be learned from J-Hope’s style, it’s to have fun with your outfits because they represent who you are and should be carried with confidence.


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