Is cramping and contraction after sex normal during pregnancy?

sex normal during pregnancy

Many couples engage in sexual intercourse during pregnancy, but is it safe? During sex or after orgasm, pregnant women often feel cramping and contractions, and this has raised lots of questions and doubts amongst many if sex during pregnancy is safe or not. Let’s see if having sex is normal during pregnancy.

Generally, it is safe to have sex while you are pregnant. It’s even a good idea to watch pregnant porn while at it so you can copy the positions of the actors. This is because while sex is safe during pregnancy, not all sex positions and styles are recommendable. In this article, you’d get to learn whether it is a normal occurrence when pregnant to feel cramps during sex, and what causes it. We’d also talk about sexual activities to avoid and situations that will require you to call the doctor – for couples that have sex during pregnancy. 

Is it safe to have sex during pregnancy?

Sex is a vital, natural, and normal part of pregnancy. When you are having a normal pregnancy, sexual intercourse won’t cause harm to the baby – who is being guarded by uterus muscular walls.

The feeling of orgasm is different from the feeling of labor. It is advised by some doctors to avoid sex during the final week of pregnancy to be on the safer side because the hormones in semen called prostaglandins can stimulate contractions.

It is also believed by some doctors that prostaglandins in semen induce labor; these can be used for women who are overdue and want to induce labor. Other doctors think that the connection of the semen is only a theory that having sex wouldn’t cause labor.

Is cramping after sex or orgasm normal during pregnancy?

It is normal to feel cramps after sex or orgasm during pregnancy. If you are having cramps after sex or orgasm, there’s absolutely nothing to be worried about, and sometimes it’s part of the course. Cramps in your abs and vagina area come with blood flow and such blood flow is mostly little. 

Sometimes you may feel cramps in your legs, back, and abdominal area all of which come after sex. None of these symptoms should be embarrassing and they shouldn’t be a reason to give up on sex, it is always advisable to do these things with the advice of your doctor. 

What causes cramping after sex?

Are you watching pregnant porn having safe sex yet feeling cramps? Here is some possible cause of cramps after sex during pregnancy:

  • Painful or cramping twinges that may feel like contraction after or during orgasm in a normal, low-risk pregnancy can as a result of increased blood flow to your abdominal area or even the natural changes that make the cervix more sensitive.
  • Menstrual-like cramps close to conception could be a result of implantation.
  • Less often, cramps or pains after sex could be labor contraction especially if it is so painful enough to make you bleed continually. This could mean that something serious like miscarriage, labor, or ectopic pregnancy. Call your practitioner quickly. You would also want to talk to your doctor if your post-sex cramps are accompanied by symptoms like dizziness or severe headache to rule out preeclampsia.

When to call the doctor?

In all stages of pregnancy, it’s normal to feel cramps after sex even though you previously don’t experience it. But sometimes, even when you practice safe sex from pregnant porn you may still feel cramps, which could indicate that something is wrong.

If you are experiencing cramps combined with any of these other following symptoms call your doctor for a proper check-up:

  • Vision change
  • Feeling faint dizzy
  • Fever or chill
  • Pain or burning during urination
  • Bleeding that doesn’t subside
  • Painful cramps and more than four contractions.

If your contractions are coming more than they should, you are likely to be in early labor. In this stage, contraction can be regular or irregular, it can last for 30 to 45 seconds while early labor can last for several hours or days.

Sexual activities to avoid during pregnancy 

Although most forms of sex are safe during pregnancy, nevertheless there are a few activities you should avoid. They include: 

  • Avoid any form of sexual activity that will cause you to blow air into the vagina especially during oral sex. Doing so could be fatal to both the baby and the mother as the mother could develop air embolism. 
  • Also, avoid anal sex except you are approved to do so by your doctor. 

Note that sexual positions that worked before pregnancy might not be comfortable anymore especially after the first and second trimester. As the pregnancy proceeds, try staying on your hands and knees to avoid pressure on the belly. 


To sum things up, being pregnant doesn’t mean your sex life has to end for 9 months. In a way, it could be a new beginning of a whole new world of pleasure and connection. Discuss your feelings with your partner while you both learn new ways to satisfy your desires. Also, don’t forget to watch pregnant porn to learn how others are doing it. is a great place to start.


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