Keeping It Cool: How Much Will It Cost to Replace an AC Condenser?

replace an ac condenser

When the summer months arrive, the heat can kind of creep up on you. You’ve been dealing with the cold winter season and then you are happy the Spring brings warmer temperatures. Suddenly, things get pretty scorching hot!

In the summer, your air conditioner is vital for keeping things cool in your home, so much so that you might take it for granted until it breaks. Your air conditioner needs your AC condenser to work properly.

AC Condenser Unit

How does an AC condenser work? It takes the air conditioner gas and changes it to liquid by cooling it. It uses the help of a compressor to do this.

The AC condenser unit creates a refrigerant. It collects all the heat within the home and releases it. It is a seamless process where the parts work together so that the complex system functions.

The air conditioning system requires the AC condenser unit so that it can work correctly. When the AC condenser breaks or malfunctions, the air conditioner stops working.

Common AC Condenser Repairs

You know you need an air conditioner. Some of the most typical problems you’ll face with an AC condenser are dirty components, damaged coil, bad electrical parts, burnt out motor, leaks, and blockages.

Dirty AC Condenser Components

If you are not getting the amount of cooling you think you should be from your air conditioner, the first thing to do is check the exterior of the unit. You’ll want to inspect it to see that it is clean because it lives outside. It is likely to get dirty.

Grass and other plants can grow around the air conditioner which can prevent the air from flowing properly. Here, you can simply clean it. Trim the surrounding grass.

You’ll want to provide regular maintenance like this and ensure that nothing blocks or interferes with the AC system.

AC Condenser Coil Leak

When an AC condenser fails, typically it is because of leaks that occur from faulty seals and tubes. The AC condenser’s tubes can puncture and rupture. They can become frail and break.

Especially after extensive use, wear and tear can damage them. This is a big problem and replace it immediately. On average, this can cost between $900 to $2,800.

Blockage From Line and Radiator

AC condenser failure can occur because of blockages caused by an accumulation of particles and debris. Some debris is from external elements, but typically it is from metal particles. These metal fragments likely flaked off the AC condenser unit itself.

Self-destruction often follows. It can be from poor maintenance and the age of the air conditioner. Depending on the damage, you may just need a new AC condenser all together to fix this.

Faulty Control Board

The circuit board that corresponds with various parts in the unit is known as the AC condenser’s control board. When this is not working, this leads to a communication breakdown.

Vital parts of the AC condenser unit, such as the coil and fan motor, won’t work properly. The entire AC condenser is compromised at this point. On average, this can cost you $150 to $650 to replace.

You’ll want to find the exact part to replace it if you can or choose a new circuit board that will work well with the current parts.

Damaged Coil

For the AC condenser unit, a damaged coil is a serious problem. Corrosion and debris can contribute to coil damage.

The coil is imperative for the AC condenser to function. Once damaged, the entire AC system can’t work. The average cost to repair a coil runs from $1,000 to $3,000 and possibly more.

Hopefully, your AC condenser coil has a warranty. Once your warranty expires, you may want to just replace the air conditioner unit in its entirety.

Burnt Motor

It is typically a gradual process when the AC condenser goes bad. The fan motor moves slower versus burn out all at one time. It works less efficiently.

A long stretch of poor maintenance and stress attributes to a burnt motor. The average cost to replace this will run $300 to $500.

AC Condenser Repair

Half the fees for an AC condenser repair is for labor. HVAC technicians can price their labor from $50 to $150 per hour. This is because the AC condenser repairs usually mean fixing or replacing over one part makes up the entire complex unit.

New AC Condenser Cost

If you know you need a new AC Condenser cost, replacing it all together can be between $1,000 to $3,000 and possibly more. This isn’t the type of project that we recommend DIY, or doing it yourself. It can be dangerous for you if you don’t have the expertise.

Replacing the AC condenser unit means touching electrical and refrigeration lines. Most places require a license if you are going to handle freon.

Plus, the AC condenser may need a repair to a single piece of the unit, not a total replacement. An expert can help you make this determination and save you money.

How to Replace the AC Condenser Unit

At a quick glance, knowing what it takes to add a new AC condenser unit will probably be enough to convince you to hire a professional.

First, you will disconnect the power supply by cutting the power off at the breaker. Next, you must cut off the electrical line for the AC condenser unit.

Then, you will detach the coolant lines by clamping and cutting them. After this, you’ll need to remove the unit in its entirety from a concrete pad.

Upon removal, you will add the new AC condenser in its place, ensuring that there is enough room for it. The electrical and refrigerant lines need to reach the new unit.

Once complete, you’ll connect the refrigerant lines which typically means splicing the old ones. You’ll want to check if there are any leaks.

Finally, you’ll connect the electrical lines, turn off the new AC condenser system, turn it back on, and test it. When you test it, you are checking for leaks as well as checking to see that it cycles on and off the way it should.

Hire an Expert

No matter the cost of labor, your air conditioning system is important to you and your health. You want it working correctly and if you are not a professional; you don’t want to get hurt trying.

Tasteful Space is all one place bringing you timely tidbits like these. Keep checking in for more articles on home repairs, such as this one on the AC condenser. Stay safe!


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