Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know About Living In Ontario

Living In Ontario

Living in Ontario is an experience on its own. With more than one-third of Canada’s gross population, Ontario offers liveliness and moments to cherish for a lifetime. This place is so beautiful that it attracts several immigrants for its diversification, job opportunities, and world-class homes. You will be surprised to learn that more than 100 languages are spoken alone in its capital city, Toronto. However, English is the official language spoken here. But what is most fascinating amidst everything else about this place is its stunning homes that provide a charm and architectural experience like no other. Of course, buying a brand-new home from companies like Paradise Development in the Greater Toronto Area makes it all the more special. Visit to learn more about the Pickering area, and all the Ontario beauty that it has to offer. Here are some surprising facts about living in Ontario you wish you knew before! 

All About Living in Ontario 

1. An assortment of housing options 

Ontario welcomes you to an array of housing options. Whether you want to live on rent or buy a brand-new home, its housing options allow you to pick from a diverse range according to your comfort, convenience, and budget. Brand-new Condos are also available for different people. Other housing types include apartments, duplex, triplex, and rooms. 

You can buy a brand-new housing type, keeping in mind the number of people you need to accommodate into it. Also, do not forget about the convenience of bathrooms, a kitchen, and a living space. All these together can help you buy the house of your dreams and live in Ontario without a pang of guilt forever. 

 2. Communities are the best

Deciding where to live in Ontario never comes easy. Every home is so beautiful and aesthetic that you want to buy them right at the moment. But, communities in the greater Toronto area are the best for sure. 

For starters, the size and cultural makeup of the local population. There are constant amounts of job opportunities at your service as well. Social and recreational activities also have no end in themselves. You may also find transport facilities that make it easy for you to travel to a FRO. 

The public transport also makes for an affordable pick to travel each day. Apart from that, services for newcomers are convenient and affordable like no other. If you are looking for brand-new, mass-produced homes in the Greater Toronto Area, Paradise Development can be your best friend.

3. The weather is always charming

Ontario features four different seasons: Spring, summer, winter, and Fall (Autumn.) Generally, the month of January is the coldest and July the warmest. However, summers start pretty late here, from June to September. The winter, Fall, and Spring seasons are cool, rainy, and snowy. 

As the weather is not harsh at all, you can live here without much discomfort. Also, you can enjoy all four seasons without any guilt. Each season comes with its advantages that will make you fall in love with the place. 

4. An array of transportation facilities 

Unlike many other provinces where the transport facilities are limited, Ontario offers a list of them for the public’s utmost convenience. Buses, trains, and airlines are most common. Thus, you can travel using these transportation techniques when you want to go miles. They are also highly affordable to suit the demands of the public. 

You can also opt for car rentals that are a highly convenient option at any time of the day. Hiring a taxi when you need to reach somewhere quickly is also a smart choice you can make here. You may also receive transit maps for free in most cities here. So, you can choose from this pool of transportation facilities according to your speed, budget, and preference. 

5. Quality education to safeguard future 

If you want your child’s future to be secure, education in Ontario is all you need. The region has some of the highest-rated universities like the University of Ottawa, the University of Ontario, and more. 

What is even better is that the education here is top-notch and compromises on nothing. Government-funded education for residents from kindergarten to secondary school makes it even better for people who stay here. Thus, education is possible at a surprisingly affordable rate and you do not have to be worried about paying a lump sum on your child’s education in Ontario. 

6. Demographics are fascinating

Ontario is one of the most diversified cultures with a large population. Almost, 70% of the population also speaks English. Thus, people who come to settle here from abroad may not have a hard time trying to communicate with Ontarians in general. 

Over 50% of the population here follow the catholic faith, while 23% have no religion. Thus, you can find people in numbers widely different from one another in terms of everything put together. However, you may find several places of worship in the province. 

7. Health care systems are exceptional.

Ontario is known for some of the best healthcare systems in the world. Every province in Canada has its version of free health care for its residents. Ontario also features one for you. The health care systems here come with additional benefits. 

You will even get a free prescription from doctors that will give you all the convenience you need in many cases. You may also find the best medical center and staff here. Thus, you will always be able to indulge in happiness, health, and positivity without failing.  

8. FOMO isn’t a thing here 

Many people have a fear of missing out (FOMO) when they fail to experience fun things that most people do. But when you live in Ontario, it will be a cakewalk for you to avoid this problem. 

Ontario offers the most prominent entertainment hub with many arenas to enjoy sports. It also features the most significant annual pride festival in the world. Ontario is also home to some of the most stunning iconic sites like Niagara Falls if that is not enough.

The Bottom Line 

The Greater Toronto Area is the best place to live in Ontario as it offers incredible facilities at your service. Oh, and the brand-new, mass-produced homes here are the best to look out for. 





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