Smart Homes: The Essential Guide to Why House Tech & Smart Appliances Matter

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Smart home appliances are tracking towards being worth a staggering 100 billion dollars. As more people buy Amazon Alexas, Phillips Hue bulbs, and the like, we expect that massive number to continue swelling.

You may be on the smart home bandwagon for the simple reason that picking up the latest and greatest technology feels like fun. Did you know, though, that the technology seen in smart homes brings real, practical benefits to user’s lifestyles?

If you’re not sure how house tech can change how you live, we implore you to keep reading. In this post, our team breaks down a handful of the most pragmatic advantages you can enjoy when you make key investments in smart thermostats, smart fridges, and similar pieces of home tech.

Direct ROI Potential

Smart homes can cost considerable money to piece together. After all, a typical appliance’s “smart” counterpart is going to run you more than its vanilla version.

However, something to keep in mind is that buyers who go to purchase your home later will see all of your smart appliances and may very well choose to pay a premium for your house to enjoy everything you’ve set up. While that premium may not outweigh the collective cost of the technology that you’ve installed, it will offset it, sometimes to a major degree!

That means that a $5000 investment in smart home tech might end up running you less than half of that when all is said and done.

Lower Electricity Bills

Energy bills have steadily crawled up across the country. This slow creep towards higher rates is most apparent in the dead of summer and the deepest parts of winter.

What if we told you that you could lower your energy bills by a substantial amount, all while doing nothing but switching out your light bulbs? If that sounds like a plan to you, then you’ll love smart bulbs as most are not only powered by low-energy LEDs but can work on schedules that’ll ensure you never accidentally leave a bulb on again.

And the savings don’t stop there!

There are smart plugs that can automatically turn off appliances. There are smart TVs that can go to sleep on an intelligent timetable so your screen doesn’t stay running in the background longer than it should. The possibilities to save electricity are endless!

Better Comfort

It’s been a sweltering day all afternoon, and you get home after a long day at the office. How do you think your house feels to step into?

Probably like a sauna.

Smart house tech allows you to ditch that sauna atmosphere and instead make sure your home always feels comfortable without having to spend a fortune running your appliances all day. An example of how that reality is executed would be a smart thermostat knowing your home has gotten too hot and realizing that you’ll be home in an hour. Combining those two thoughts, appliances like your AC or Modern Forms Smart Fans will kick on and work to make sure your home is ready just in time for your arrival.

Heightened Security

For many, safety is a top priority. To that end, house tech has enabled better security at lower prices.

Think about the Ring Video Doorbell. It gives you instant access to your driveway and front door via camera so you can see who is on your porch at all times. It even allows you to communicate with them.

There are also security systems that can be synced with your phone, so you can get a 360-degree view of all the nooks and crannies of your house, heightening your ability to react to adverse situations.

Less Time Wasted

One obvious advantage of smart home tech is that it saves you time.

Think about the number of minutes you spend going through your house at the end of the day to make sure all of your lights are off. At the same time, it might not seem like much on a single day, when you add up all of those rounds of shutting off lights and then turning them back on in the morning over the course of the year, that time certainly means something.

Now, imagine being able to shut down or boot up your house by simply saying “Lights On” or “Lights off.” That time saving is a powerful one and one that you won’t soon want to give up after you’ve adopted it.

Lower Insurance Rates

Smart technology that makes your house safer (security systems, appliances that automatically turn off, etc.) can save you money immediately on your home insurance rates. Why? Because a safer house means a house that’s less likely to incur a claim.

That’s a powerful perk! If you were saving, for example, $15 per month on your home insurance because of upgrades that ran you $1500 in about 8 years, your upgrades would pay for themselves. Add to that rate of savings all the cash you’re taking off of your utility bills, and you’ll break even faster!

Smart House Tech Is Becoming Increasingly Popular

If you’re not on the smart house tech bandwagon yet, we suggest you get on it. Doing so will not only make your house more functional, but it could save you money and make life more comfortable.

And you don’t have to start big with house tech either! If you’re on the fence, consider picking up a digital assistant like an Echo or installing a few smart light bulbs.

Investments like that will set you back less than $100 and give you a great idea of whether riding the tech wave is right for you.

Curious to learn more about smart tech? If you are, check out additional content on our blog.


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