Top Benefits of Black Tea With Lemon and How to Brew?

Top Benefits of Black Tea With Lemon and How to Brew?
Benefits of Black Tea With Lemon

Everyone likes a refreshing drink that can boost up your mood and relieve you from a tiring day. And what better than black tea with lemon? It has an extraordinary taste and can lift your mood and spirit instantly. Apart from lifting your mood, this super refreshing drink has health benefits too. So, if you wish to know the benefits of black tea with lemon, how to make it and more, start scrolling down! Here we have covered everything you possibly need to know about black tea with lemon!

Benefits of black tea with lemon

Let us check out the benefits of black tea with lemon below:

  • It helps to detoxify your overall body
  • You can improve the health of your gut and also balance the metabolism.
  • If you infuse this tea with little honey and drink it after every meal, it will help you treat cold and cough.
  • Its powerful inflammatory nature helps to tackle and reduce acne, eczema and improves the overall health of your skin.
  • Another among the benefits of black tea with lemon is that it can keep your cholesterol levels in control.
  • The citric acid and vitamin C is a familiar home remedy for the treatment of inflamed gums.
  • It also helps to get relieved from migraine pain and headache for the presence of antioxidants in it.
  • One of the most important benefits of black tea with lemon is that it works as a great stress buster.
  • Having a cup of black tea with lemon can help improve blood clotting.
Benefits of Black Tea With Lemon
Black tea with lemon wedge

Disadvantages of black tea with lemon

Apart from the benefits of black tea with lemon, there have some disadvantages as well. So before starting the drink or if you already have it regularly, know the disadvantages of black tea with lemon. Check them out below:

  • Tea generally has caffeine which gives rise to the level of the physiological activity of your digestive system. So, drinking an excessive amount of black tea with lemon will harm your health.
  • Some people have weak nerves and cannot handle small matters, which can result from drinking excessive black tea with lemon. So, if you face such problems, try to avoid drinking excessive amounts of it.
  • As it contains caffeine, it can reduce your sleep and can instigate insomnia.
  • Black tea with lemon can also irritate the stomach because of tannins’ presence, which leads to the unnecessary storage of waste products.
  • Caffeine in black tea, even with lemon in them, can also cause the stomach to rise to various acidic mediums. These acidic mediums get absorbed into your body and lead to diseases.
  • People with ulcers in the stomach or patients who have cancer should consult a doctor before starting the drink.
  • During pregnancy, one must take the doctor’s suggestion about drinking black tea with lemon because it may lead to miscarriage.
  • People who just had any heart surgery or suffering from any cardiovascular diseases must take the advice of a doctor before drinking black tea with lemon.
  • Caffeine is a big-time no to the people who suffer from gastritis problems, and even lemon can be harmful to some gastritis sufferers.
  • People with anxiety disorders or glaucoma problems should also avoid lemon and black tea to worsen the problem.

How to make black tea with lemon?

As a tea lover, you will find the process of brewing black tea interesting. Imagine the water boil and instantly turn black when you add the tea leaves to it. Now imagine adding lemon extract and finding the color gradually change into a beautiful tint of brown.

As you now know the advantages and disadvantages, it will easier for you to assess if drinking it will be suitable for you or not. Once you are sure, check out the process to make black tea with the essence of lemon in it:

  • Boil two cups of water into a boiling pan
  • Then add one or two teaspoons of tea leaves or steep a tea bag into it. Leave it for approximately five minutes.
  • Let the water be filled with the flavor and goodness of the tea.
  • Squeeze half of one lemon into the tea and strain it into cups with the help of a sieve. Add a spoon of sugar or honey, according to your preference.
  • Slowly sip the tea warm, and enjoy the refreshing taste.
The perfect tint of black tea with lemon extract

Benefits of black tea with lemon and ginger

As we discussed the benefits of black tea with lemon, you can be a little more beneficial if you drink black tea with lemon and ginger. Black tea with lemon and ginger is infused with beneficiary factors. Check out the following:

  • The higher antioxidant properties of ginger boost your immunity system.
  • Lemon juice is filled with vitamin C, which helps heal wounds and strengthen your bones and teeth.
  • For those who suffer from repetitive flu, cough and cold, black tea with lemon and ginger can work as a natural antibiotic.
  • This drink prevents the growth of cancer cells in our body and circulating as well.
  • Drinking tea can prevent any inflammation in your body and also prevents arthritis symptoms.
  • Ginger also increases blood circulation, which is great for your health overall.
  • If you get nausea and develop a vomiting tendency, you can get instant relief by drinking black tea with lemon and ginger.
  • You can also reduce vomiting tendency during pregnancy or motion sickness by drinking black tea with lemon and ginger.
  • Having a cup of black tea with lemon and ginger every day can promote good health by improving appetite also.
  • It also stops building up gas in the intestine and stomach.
  • The esteemed level of zinc that is present in ginger can uplift the production and emission of insulin. So, it will help in controlling your diabetes level in the blood. Consequently, it also prevents kidney damaging risk, which is caused by high diabetes levels.
  • The antioxidant properties present in this drink also controls blood pressure levels and many heart problems.

Benefits of black tea with lemon for skin

  • The presence of antioxidants and vitamins is beneficial for skin and hair health. As it improves your digestive system, it becomes another reason for flawless and smooth skin. The antibacterial and antiseptic properties of black tea with lemon and ginger protect the skin from any infections. The drink also promotes hair growth and can be a magic wand for strong and beautiful hair.

How to make black tea with ginger and lemon?

To avail of the benefits of black tea with lemon and ginger, let us know how to prepare it:

  • Boil water in a pan with grated ginger.
  • Add tea to it and boil it for approximately two minutes.
  • Squeeze some lemon juice into it and leave it for one minute.
  • Strain it into a cup and sip it gradually.
  • You can drink it hot or cold as the rejuvenating effect is the same.
Black Tea With Lemon
Refreshing black tea infused with lemon

Benefits of black tea for weight loss

Black tea offers a robust and rich flavor and has already created a reputation for itself in the world of weight loss. There are several benefits of black tea for weight loss. Thanks to its capability of conversion of the extra fats, which get absorbed within the gut.

To make the best use of black tea to help you in your weight loss process, try not to add flavor enhancers like honey, milk, artificial sweetener, or sugar. Once you ensure that, you are good to go! Let us check out some more benefits of black tea below:

Improves digestion

The chemical properties of black tea can help in diminishing the bacteria that are the cause of obesity. It helps to uplift the work of the digestive system, so no extra fat is added to your body. It also improves the work of gut bacteria that are associated with leaning the body mass. So it helps to lose weight and boost good health.

Reduces triglycerides

Triglycerides are the most ordinary and familiar kind of fat that exists in our body. They especially come from foods that contain extra fat and calories.

The plant metabolites that have antioxidant effects are found in black tea. These metabolites can help to reduce internal body fats and triglyceride fat levels in your body. It also prevents inflammation that is one of the causes of obesity.

Low in fat

Black tea does not have any percent of cholesterol or saturated fat present in it. To avail of black tea benefits for weight loss is best to drink the tea without adding sugar, milk, honey, or artificial sweetener.

Remember that you can have the effect of weight loss if anything is taken with responsible limits. In the case of black tea, also you need to remember it as black tea contains higher levels of caffeine than any other tea. So, keeping consumption in control is the trick!

Improves metabolism

Studies have proven that intaking caffeine in moderate amounts can boost your metabolism rate by at least six percent. Caffeine helps the stored fat in the body melt and accelerates the metabolism cycles to reduce fat. It also helps to maintain low weight for a longer period.

If you drink black tea in place of your favorite beverages, it will help cut down your calories. Sweet beverages or cold drinks are generally loaded with a high percentage of calories.

In one cup of black tea, you consume a minimum amount of calories. So if you switch to black tea, you can significantly reduce the consumption of calories.

Black tea with lemon in empty stomach

People across the world most commonly drink black tea with lemon in empty stomach. It may have a lot of benefits but may also cause health issues. Let us know the good and bad effects of drinking black tea with lemon in empty stomach:

Good effects

  • When you drink black tea with lemon in empty stomach, it easily flushes out the toxins from your body.
  • It also has a greater effect on controlling uric acids
  • It may balance the PH levels and also can work as a blood purifier.
  • As lemon has vitamin C and black tea, it will give improve your immunity.
  • When you drink tea on an empty stomach, it can encourage your liver to be healthy by cleansing it.
  • Consuming black tea with lemon will accelerate your weight loss process as it will help cut down on your sugar and carbohydrates intake.
  • Having any liquid in the morning in an empty stomach hydrates your body
  • The properties of black tea and lemon separately and together in both ways will boost your energy level and help you to be active the whole day. But it is effective only if it is taken without sugar.

Bad effects

  • One bad thing about having black tea with lemon in empty stomach is that it affects your digestive system.
  • People with heart diseases are strictly not allowed to consume any caffeine on an empty stomach.
  • Apart from this, anything that you have in your empty stomach is being digested quickly. But by digestion of tea, the stomach produces a liquid that is low in pH. That liquid can form a lining in your stomach and thereby cause diseases. Moreover, the liquid also absorbs harmful bacteria and can cause liver and kidney disorders.

Final Thoughts

Drinking black tea with lemon or lemon and ginger has many beneficial effects on your body if consumed in moderation. So, avail of the benefits by consuming small amounts of it.

Also, if you suffer from any preexisting diseases or are pregnant, speak to a doctor before including the drink into your diet.


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