Rewarding career change ideas

Rewarding career change ideas

Sometimes you just can’t help but become part of the furniture at work. What does that mean? It means you become so smooth at delivering a conveyor belt of acceptable (if not exceptional) work that you sort of just become a very useful cog that no one wants to disturb. Why fix things if they aren’t broken? Here are the Rewarding career change ideas for you:

That’s when you know it may be time to sling your hook and look for pastures new. But what about a complete career change? How about going from an unfulfilling role, say, in industrial cleaning, to something helping actual real-life people (see MHA degree for healthcare ideas).

The options are seemingly endless when it comes to changing careers, and that’s because they are. That’s why we’re going to look at a few rewarding career change options to help inspire and support a much-needed upgrade in your nine to five routine. 

Personal trainer

The great thing about becoming a personal trainer is that you can kind of kill two birds with one stone. Whereas most of us in sedentary office lifestyles can’t seem to find the time to hit the gym and lose those extra BBQ pounds still with us since about four or five summers ago, personal trainers get paid to stay fit. 

There are courses, and there are expenses, but the outcome is an active career that will see you connecting with people one to one. Not every role offers those kinds of positive and very human interactions, and you could find that – along with your new abs –  what you really enjoy about the role is the personal connection with clients. 

Social work

Social work never sleeps. If you’re looking for something that’s as on the frontlines as the emergency services, without having to deal with the regular sight of blood, social work could be the answer. 

What does it involve? Well, on a Monday you could be helping underprivileged teens to kick drug habits and work toward carving a meaningful role for themselves in society. On a Tuesday you could be hosting an eating disorders support group. On Wednesday you might be faced with people experiencing domestic abuse. And we have only just got to midweek!

Social work can be manic. If you crave an escape from your silent desk, social work could be your ticket to a life of getting stuck in. It’s tough out there. That’s why people need even tougher support when things go wrong. Think that could be you?

Hair and beauty 

From birthdays to weddings to people just wanting to look good for Saturday night, hair and beauty is a rewarding profession that sees you constantly thanked and praised. When you are a hair and beauty practitioner, you’re not just selling haircuts and makeup. You’re selling confidence and self-worth.  

To be the best, you have to emanate confidence yourself. If you can do that, and if the results are every bit as good as your promise, your work diary will never be empty and your own sense of satisfaction at a job well done will always be there to keep you warm at night. 


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