Great Reasons To Extend Your Home If You’re Considering Upsizing

Reasons To Extend Your Home

Whether you have a growing family to think about or you simply want more room to swing the proverbial cat, Brentwood Square Property Management suggests it’s never a bad idea to consider a bigger home. From having a guest bedroom for hosting visiting family members to generally giving your adolescents more room to simply be, a bigger home is without a doubt always better. The question many ask however, is whether they should upsize into a bigger home by selling their current property and buying a bigger one or whether they should take the leap, and here are reasons to extend the home they’re currently in.

While upsizing can indeed be exciting, you may be surprised to know that there are numerous benefits to staying where you are and extending. Here are just a few of them.

Stay In The Location You Love

In order for most of us to upsize, we’d need to leave the area we love for the simple fact that it’s unaffordable to upsize where we currently reside. This could mean not only leaving neighbours and friends you love but school catchment areas, easy commutes to your job and so much more.

By extending via a loft conversion for example, you can gain that much needed additional square footage while staying in the same area. That means no searching for new schools, no more looking at new commutes and getting to stay where you love the most while still enjoying that much-needed extra room.

Fulfil The Potential Of Your Home

While extending outwards or even upwards isn’t always possible, when it is, it’s something that shouldn’t be ignored. Fulfilling your property’s potential can be an extremely gratifying experience, especially when you’ve spent many years there and experienced personal milestones. Having a special space that you can create memories in, and allow to grow with you really is special.

Avoid Costly Moving Fees

Many think the costs associated with extending are far greater than that of moving home but it’s actually the complete opposite. While there are larger lump sums to pay out initially when it comes to an extension or loft conversion, it can actually be a far more cost effective option.

Firstly, it’s worth noting that moving home isn’t without its costs. There are solicitor fees to pay, estate agent fees if you’re having to sell your current property and the costs of removal trucks etc. There’s also the notable costs associated with stamp duty and if needed, the extra monthly costs with additional mortgage borrowing. That’s before you consider the fact that you’ll then need to alter the property you’re moving into to make it suit your own taste and way of life.

With extending however, you pay for the extension or loft conversion only. There are no moving fees to consider, no costly estate agent fees. And what’s more, you then stand to earn a return in terms of your property’s value. If you have the money to spend to hand, fantastic. If not however, you can look at borrowing extra on your mortgage.

Make Money On Your Current Property

The potential to earn money on your current property is fantastic. Whether you’re extending outward or moving up in terms of a loft conversion, the potential to earn on your property is great. With some loft conversions, increases of up to 20% of the property value have been seen in some locations. Professional companies such as Clapham Construction Service, who specialise in loft conversions in London, can provide impartial advice on the pros and cons of extending your home with a loft conversion..

Avoid The Stress Of Moving

They say moving home is as stressful as getting married and the vast majority who go through both, would agree. In fact, moving home is considered one of the most stressful things to go through in life. From the legal aspects to the actual move itself, there’s a lot to consider, a lot of money to be spent and a lot of effort when it comes to moving your entire life from one property to another.

Extending however, while it does have its moments, tends to be far more cost-effective and totally rules out the physical aspects of moving home. You also don’t need to consider solicitors and other often time consuming matters such as selling your home, holding viewings and let’s not forget, searching for your perfect home to upsize into. While extending can indeed be stressful, it’s nothing compared with physically moving home.

Contact Clapham Construction Services Today

There are numerous benefits to extending as opposed to moving home however, these benefits will only be apparent when you utilise a company who specialise in that field. Without the professional advice and guidance of those who know what they’re doing, you simply won’t see or enjoy these benefits.

Clapham Construction Service have been carrying out extensions and loft conversions for over two decades and have developed a reputation as the leading loft conversion specialists in London. Not only are they able to navigate the often narrow streets of London, but they’re very familiar with what will and won’t get approved by local councils and planning offices. Having this level of expertise is invaluable to ensure your home improvement is stress free and most importantly, provides you with the extra space you need while still remaining in your current home.

Time passes and families grow, but with Clapham Construction Service, you don’t need to leave your family home to gain that extra space. For more information, simply contact Clapham Construction today on 0203 950 7957.


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