How do I rent a Dress in Australia?

How do I rent a Dress in Australia

Advantages and disadvantages exist in buying your own dress.The advantage is that you could always wear it whenever you want and need to, but the drawback is that it could be costly.Luckily, more businesses across Australia have been open with the idea of offering services like renting clothes. Now you can rent a Dress in Australia too.

Yet, with all the “Hire Dresses in Melbourne” advertisements, how do you know which one suits your needs?

Browse from their collection

Clothing stores won’t simply offer to rent you a dress if they don’t have an extensive collection to show. And even though their collection sizes vary, it’s best if you’ll be able to track the store with a wide array of clothes.

You’ll be able to have the opportunity to make your choices. We all know that a single dress isn’t enough to satisfy your needs; sometimes, you need two or three.

A small collection couldn’t possibly keep up with that as you’re limited in terms of options.

Visit their website

You know the drill: don’t just give your personal information unless you’ve confirmed that the business you’re transacting with is legitimate.

Visiting the website of a store that offers rent dresses is a good starting point.

Businesses would have to establish trust with their clients by showcasing their websites. They would also be willing to spend hundreds of dollars to ensure that fraudulent transactions wouldn’t take place for security measures, including losing their clients’ data.

Fortunately, this is easier to check based on the site identity button right next to the URL. A symbol of padlock would appear to let you know that the website you’ve accessed has been encrypted. But we don’t recommend depending on this facto alone.

Instead, it would help if you also viewed the reputation of their websites using the Google Transparency Report.

As Google has pledged, they’re doing everything to ensure that you have the best experience, which involves giving you the chance to see if a website has recently been engaged in any scam posts.

Read their reviews

You shouldn’t just trust what your eyes see. An advertisement could be misleading, so you must do your assignment, too. And it involves a lot of reading.

If it’s your first time renting a dress, you might not be familiar with the process you would have to undergo.

Reviews are proof of the experience of the previous clients, and they help you pinpoint the potential struggles and set your expectations once you’ve decided to follow through with your choice.

Reviews reveal the staffs’ treatment of the client and if their products are worth checking out. This is where past customers could also detail the after-sale services, like when the client needed further assistance in damages and refunds.

A 4.9-star review is already impressive. We won’t encourage going for a 4.7-star review store if they have been in the industry for a while now.

There’s a great chance that they lack in the department of excellent customer service or their products have failed the expectations of their previous customers.

In the end, it’s your best shot to stir away from them so as not to experience the same thing.

Check their policy

It’s a good thing that you familiarize yourself with the rules and legal conditions of the transaction.

For instance, to protect their business, clothing stores would create a policy regarding their services and products. You mustn’t skip reading their terms and conditions.

In this situation, people often disregard the idea of renting clothes because of the fear of the costs of accidentally damaging the clothes. Most of them don’t know that some stores have already covered this issue in their policy by providing insurance for dress damages.

Be wary, though. If a policy seems suspicious, try to ask staff for clarification. If their explanation seems unfair to you, you could then decide to check other stores.

Remember that not being a victim of scams is the true essence of good shopping.

Guide me through the process

Find your measurements

If you’re a confessed shopaholic, you might already know your size. Still, your body undergoes several changes in just a few days, so it wouldn’t hurt if you reassess your measurements.

Finding the right size of dress could enhance your look depending on what feature of your body you would like to showcase.

For example, you want to show everyone that you have wide hips. Once you get your hips measurement, you can jump onto picking the dress to highlight this feature.

Frankly, we would suggest going for a mermaid-styled dress as they focus on the hips without restraining the wearer’s actions.

Schedule the delivery

Once you find the perfect dress for your occasion, the only thing left to do is schedule when you would like the clothes to be delivered to your doorstep.

Ensure that you adjust the date 1-2 days before the actual event to avoid incidents. You wouldn’t have to worry, too, since some stores could offer you to rent a dress for three days.

Moreover, this gives you time to check if there was damage to the dress sent to you, so you could immediately inform the store staff. Or else, it would just be added to your bill.

Return the item

We hope that you had fun because, after the allotted time, you may have to let go of the dress, which gives you so many memories.

We understand that you might feel hesitant at first, even though it was part of the deal, but the store would also share the joy you experienced with their new clients.

Each dress typically comes with its own satchel. This satchel protects the item from being damaged during the delivery.

Put the dress inside the satchel, then contact the store to pick up the item. After that, you could then share your review of the whole experience on the company’s website.



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