Vaping for Beginners: The Quick and Succinct Guide You Need

vapings for beginners

More people than ever are taking up vaping, giving the industry an estimated worth of nearly $30 billion. If you’re reading this, you’re likely looking to get in on the fun, too.

And thankfully, learning about vaping isn’t too tough. All you’ll need is a few minutes!

So keep reading as we explore some of the most vital tips about vaping for beginners.

You Get What You Pay For

Thanks to vaping’s popularity, you can find vape equipment just about anywhere these days. Even major gas station chains now carry disposable pods.

But before you head down to your local QuikTrip and pick up the least expensive option, know that you’re not getting a great deal. In fact, if you plan to take up vaping as a hobby, you’re going to spend more on disposable pods than you would if you were to outright buy a rig.

While you don’t need to buy the most expensive rig, you should buy something reputable and long-lasting. The most affordable option is cheap for a reason.

Know Your Liquids: VG vs. PG

When it comes to vaping tips for beginners, it’s crucial to understand that not all juices are created equal. If you were to head down to your favorite vape shop and inspect a few different e-juice bottles, you might notice two acronyms: PG and VG, which stands for propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, respectively.

So what’s the difference? It all comes down to what you want out of your vape liquid.

Juices with a higher PG volume tend to better emulate smoking cigarettes. You’ll get a deeper throat pull and “feel” the juice more.

If you’re looking for flavor, though, you’ll want to choose a juice higher in VG. These juices are often smoother and easier on the throat, making them the perfect choice for those who don’t want that harsh feel of a traditional cigarette. Plus, you can get bigger clouds with a VG-centric juice.

Replacing Your Coils

A few weeks after buying your new rig, you’ll start to notice a burnt taste to your liquid, as well as a crackling noise when you go to vape.

Don’t worry, nothing’s broken! These are just signs that you need to replace your coils.

All in all, the process shouldn’t take more than a minute or two if your tank and coil are combined.

Simply unscrew your mouthpiece from the rest of the rig, then unscrew the tank. Remove the coil and add your new one into the tank.

If you’re using a rig with a separate coil and tank, you’ll only have an extra step or two, unscrewing the coil from the tank and mouthpiece.

Either way, make sure to add a few drops of your favorite e-juice to prime your new coil.

Vaping For Beginners: Getting the Most Out of Your Vape Experience

Before we go, we have one final piece of advice: Save yourself time and money and buy a beginner’s kit. They come with everything you’ll need to get started (minus juice) and often cost a bit less than buying each part of your rig.

For more tips on vaping for beginners, be sure to check out the other great content on our blog!


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