Myths Uncovered about Kitchen Countertops

Uncovered Kitchen Countertops

Whenever you want to have a stone countertop or just a regular countertop, there are plenty of myths about uncovered kitchen countertops that you might need to think about whenever you purchase one. Along with all the regular things to think about, such as your budget, kitchen style, and how much space you need when cooking.

Here are some of the weirdest, craziest, and most common myths about the countertops in your kitchen and why you should buy them. Especially ones made from stone or quartz!

1.Stone Is Too Expensive For Me

While most people would love to have a stone, granite, quartz, or other type of countertop for their kitchens, the one hurdle is the expense. Or at least, the expected expense. Granite is expensive at around $50-65 a square foot, but you don’t have to buy a slab. Instead, you can spend about half the money on buying tiles.

Granite tiles cost about $25-$50 a square foot, and these tiles can be put together to look like a slab if you do it right. Engineered quartz is also a cheap and unique way to mimic the look of natural stone, while also being as tough as granite is. Plus, they can add a nice bit of texture to your countertop if you layer them right. You could also try Quartz as it is also stain-resistant, resistant to microbes and bacteria, and comes in hundreds of colors to satisfy every single need you might have.

The material you use will vary in price depending on how much you need, the color you purchase, and a few other factors. However, it’s good to know that there are less expensive options out there if you don’t want to purchase a full slab of granite to make up your counter.

2.Concrete Only Works Outside

If you hear the words ‘concrete countertop’ then you might get a bit confused. Isn’t concrete something that you use outside? Despite its common use on sidewalks and outdoor surfaces, it can also be cast on-site and can be customized to fit your space and needs. Don’t think that you are restricted to your drab grey concrete as well because there are a wide variety of pigments available. 

As long as you use an epoxy sealer to prevent staining and keep it maintained, then your concrete countertop will be durable enough to take on your worst kitchen mishaps. Plus, it will still look beautiful for you.

3.Countertops Need To Be The Same

Don’t feel pressured to buy the same material for every single countertop in your home. Your kitchen might be fine with a slab of concrete so you can easily cook on it, while the countertops people gather around might look better with tiles of granite or quartz laid out on them. Having a kitchen island in the center made from a different material can really start to draw people into your kitchen.

Doing something different can really make your kitchen unique, and might even help you balance your budget. You might go all out on your kitchen island and then make the countertops of your kitchen out of something a little cheaper.

4.Once they Get Damaged, they Can’t Be Fixed

Even though granite or other stone countertops are very durable, they aren’t indestructible and things can chip or otherwise damage your countertop. If this happens, then you don’t need to worry because a stone countertop can easily be fixed up! Colored epoxy can make any scratches and dents as good as new, while granite can also be resurfaced to remove all the broken bits.

You can either do it at home or hire a professional to get your granite countertops fixed, but the procedure is easy and your countertops will look as good as new! Plus, a few small cracks or dents can even add character to your countertop.

5.Countertops Are Hard To Maintain and Easily Damaged

Stone or not, some people think that countertops are very hard to maintain and keep clean, and that’s further from the truth than you might think. Countertops can be cleaned with a rag of warm soapy water and that will remove most stains, and any stains that are stuck on can be removed with vinegar and water. 

If you use a concrete, granite, or quartz countertop you might need to use a stone degreaser to remove deep stains. Finally, you might need to reseal your granite countertop with epoxy every few years to protect it from stains.

If you want to protect your countertop from damages, then you should avoid placing hot pans on the stone for a long period. You should also use coasters on your glasses to prevent stains and make sure to blot out any stains rather than rub them in. Most of maintaining your countertops boil down to common sense, so as long as you do that you should be fine.

6.Granite Isn’t Safe For Preparing Food

If you choose to use a granite countertop then you might be a bit worried about preparing your food directly on the countertop. While cutting boards have become the norm for slicing, chopping, and preparing food, you can prepare on your granite countertop without any worry. You will ruin your knives before you cause any harm to the countertop, and as long as you wipe it down afterward, it will be fine.

Plus, granite does not harbor bacteria due to its low porosity and will not cause any issues for your food. Quartz and concrete countertops also are perfectly safe for preparing food, and as long as you have sealant to prevent staining you are good to go.

Get A Countertop Today

It doesn’t matter whether you buy a granite countertop, a concrete countertop, or a quartz countertop from Caesarstone, all of the above myths will still be debunked! You can use, clean, maintain, and gather around a stone countertop without any trouble, and it will only enhance the look of your kitchen.



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