CBD for Sport

CBD for Sport

Athletes experience a demanding lifestyle, from rigorous training schedules to overly regulated everyday routines. Whether in terms of physical distress or mental strain, they have to live with standards the regular human being would quickly shy away from. This pressure often causes many athletes to resort to substances like alcohol, drugs, etc., to take the edge off. But, these substances can be highly damaging to an athlete’s health and career. Thus the need for a safe substance that can aid an athlete through physical and mental duress arises. Fortunately, such a substance that is safe with drug tests already exists, and it’s recognised as CBD For sport. 

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, or more commonly referred to as CBD, is a product obtained from hemp or cannabis. CBD differs from other cannabis products like THC because it does not induce the infamous high. CBD for athletes has been legalised, and legal CBD requirements include 0.3 or 0.2% THC. THC is what generates the high associated with cannabis. With such low levels, the product provides the psychoactive benefits of cannabis without being addictive. Research has also found that CBD is safer than THC in terms of long-term health effects.

CBD is commonly used in sports for the following purposes: 

Pain Relief

Though there is not much research to support how CBD reduces pain, it has been proven by practical examples. Many believe that since CBD taps into the endocannabinoid system, it can be viewed as a natural pain-relieving agent. Athletes prefer using it over regular painkillers such as ibuprofen because CBD is more effective and safer. When medications such as Avel or Ibuprofen are used for an extended period, they can cause many health problems. 

CBD does not possess these dangers. Athletes may use CDB by inhaling it in the form of vapours, or capsules, balms, or simply as an oil. The fourfivecbd oil is quite popular among athletes for pain relief. 

Managing Stress

Athletes have been using 0% THC for managing stress for a while now. 0% THC refers to CBD that is devoid of THC. Such a compound may be broad-spectrum or a CBD isolate. CBD isolate will contain CBD only, and broad-spectrum CBD may contain other cannabis compounds but not THC. 

Since athletes want to avoid THC at all costs, this is an excellent option. The 0%THC CBD for athletes’ oil has helped them cope with mental duress and irregular sleep patterns. CBD enters the ECS and induces a potent flow of serotonin. This enables individuals to feel more at peace, ultimately helping them fall asleep faster and in a more relaxed state. Utilising CBD as infused tea leaves is quite optimum for this purpose. 

Final word

CBD provides the perfect solution for the day-to-day tensions an athlete has to face. Many have begun substituting parts of their meals with CBD products for better focus and diet control. These practices allow much-needed relaxation without hindering health. Thus, CBD is the perfect companion for all sport-related issues. With time further research will uncover a lot more benefits



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