Escape to One of These 7 Outdoor Saunas

Outdoor Saunas

Did you know that frequent visits to a sauna are associated with lower death rates from stroke and cardiovascular disease? If this doesn’t make you want to hit the sauna now, we know what will. If you love to travel, you can experience many types of outdoor saunas from around the world.

Outdoor Saunas in International Culture

Outdoor saunas get used for events and as a great way to socialize.

Brendan from The Sauna Company  says “A lot of cultures look at the sauna as essential for their well-being. Saunas relax the body while opening up the mind to new thoughts. Depending on the country, people may rely more on saunas than others.”

Finland is a great example of a country that uses a sauna as part of its culture. They have over 3 million saunas for just 5.5 million people.

In Finland and countries that neighbour it, the structures are often made of wood and heated by a stove. The exterior of outdoor saunas is generally a beautiful and unique design.

There are many benefits of saunas that urge travellers to seek them out when on vacation. Here are seven of the most amazing outdoor saunas around the world.

1. Solar Egg Sauna – Variety of Places

The Solar Egg sauna was commissioned by Riksbyggen, a Swedish housing company. The artist duo that created it in 2017 is also Swedish.

The Solar Egg sauna is mobile so it has been in Stockholm, Paris, Sweden, Bjorkliden, Gallivare, Minnesota, and Copenhagen. The outside of the egg is made from golden plates to reflect the area surrounding it.

When you step inside this golden egg sauna, you feel the heat from a heart-shaped wood-fired burner.

2. Wa_Sauna – Seattle

It was a cold winter’s day in the city of Seattle when goCstudio architects decided to do something about the water around the city. The local community came together to fund the wa-sauna that floated above water.

This unique and must-see sauna gets power from an electric motor. It heats up with a wood-burning stove.

3. Floating Sauna – Norway

Like the wa_sauna, the floating sauna also stays above water. This sauna was designed by architects at Casagrande & Rintala and gifted to a small village in Hardangerfjord, Norway. The architects partnered with art students from the Bergen Art Academy to bring this sauna to life.

You can reach this sauna by going for a short swim or taking a rowboat out on the water. Once you arrive, you can enter the sauna through the hole in the pinewood flooring.

When the heat begins to rise, the floating sauna looks like a lantern because the walls are semitransparent. The floating sauna will provide you with an experience you’ll never forget.

4. DW Sauna – Finland

Finland is the place to be for saunas. One of the most popular saunas in Aland, Finland is the DW sauna. Commissioned by Denizen Works, this sauna was created with local materials. It is a mobile sauna built on a sledge base.

This sauna is currently on land, but it can get moved to a frozen lake with ease. This is useful for Scandinavians who cut holes in the surface of the ice to have their own icy plunge pool. Then, they hit the sauna to warm up.

If you find yourself in Finland, this is a sauna you’ll want to visit. Its sleek design looks like a tiny home. Immerse yourself in the culture of this country with the DW sauna.

5. Soria Moria Sauna – Norway

The Soria Moria Sauna was created by Feste Landskap and the architect was David Fjagesund. This interesting sauna is in Norway at the end of the Telemark Canal.

The exterior is oddly shaped compared to other saunas throughout the world. The shape mimics the steep mountainsides that surround the lake. Made of golden shingles, the exterior of this sauna is a reference to the folklore in the area. 

Instead of floating on the lake, this sauna has a walkway made of wood.

6. The Bands Sauna – Norway

The Bands Sauna is set up in a former fishing village in Norway. This gorgeous wooden sauna was created by students from the Scarcity and Creativity Studio in Oslo.

The inside of the sauna is made from three folding bands that create a folding system. From the inside, you can see the beautiful Lofoten Islands that it sits on.

7. Grotto Sauna – Canada

You can find the Grotto saunas in Ontario, Canada near the Parry Sound. This private sauna goes along a rocky spot on the shoreline. The architect, Alex Josephson, states that this sauna was made on a glacier softened Canadian shield.

The interior looks like a wood geode forming from the shape of the heat. Taking a visit to Canada? Rent out this private sauna for yourself.

Not Ready to Travel?

If you are uncomfortable with travelling because of the COVID-19 pandemic or you just aren’t a big traveller in the first place, you don’t have to miss out on the benefits of saunas.

You can find a sauna for sale in your area to bring the vibes home to you. When you buy a sauna, you can experience better well-being.

If you aren’t willing to purchase a sauna, you could always order a premade kit. This is usually a cheaper option, but you have to build it on your own. You can also create a DIY sauna by building your own personal hot box by using sauna cedar boards that are readily available at G&B Quality Cedar Products.


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