Equipment Needed For Night Fishing

Equipment Night Fishing

Some anglers prefer to head to the bank during the night to avoid crowds which can cause fish to not take to the bait as much. With the conditions changing during overnight fishing trips, taking Equipment Needed For Night Fishing will make the most of the visit and travelling prepared will help you get the most from your experience.

Stay dry with a fishing shelter

With the cold nights and unpredictable British weather making for a long night at the bank if you travel unprepared, bringing a shelter can keep you protected from the elements. A bivvy is a great way to stay sheltered from the wind and rain, as well as keeping your equipment dry. Putting a comfortable fishing bed in your bivvy provides you with a warm place to rest or sleep during the night, keeping you above ground and comfy in your sleeping bag.

Pack an effective light source

This goes without saying, but providing plenty of light will mean you don’t need to fumble around in the dark during the night. Setting up an LED light by your equipment will make it significantly easier to grab what you need and have a consistent light source to avoid any mishaps due to a lack of vision. A head torch is another popular investment as it provides a continuous light wherever you go and requires no hands, allowing you to work hands-free.

 Keep warm with plenty of layers

As the night draws in, the temperature can plummet and lead to an uncomfortable night if you do not come prepared. It’s always better to have too many clothes than too little, adding layers as and when they are needed; a waterproof top layer will prevent your clothes getting soaked through during any rainy spells. 

Fuel your body for the night

Especially if you are planning on spending the weekend at the bank, travelling with plenty of food and drink will help keep you happy and healthy during your trip. If the weather is particularly cold, bringing along a flask of tea, coffee or soup will be helpful for keeping you warm in addition to plenty of water and pre-prepared food. Don’t forget to pack wipes and antibacterial hand gel for your trip, keeping up hygiene measures before tucking into your food.

Make use of the daylight

If you turn up for your fishing trip after nightfall, finding the best spot to set up your kit can be trickier. Arriving just before sunset to locate the area you’re going to settle in and organise your equipment will be significantly easier. 

Set up your fishing alarm

When you decide to get your head down for a bit of well-deserved sleep, you don’t want to miss out on that all important catch! A fishing alarm can be set up to alert you when there is some movement on the line, allowing you to go about your night without having to sit on watch constantly. Some more advanced alarms connect to your phone, making sure the sound is loud enough to wake you from your deep sleep.



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