Top Reasons to Join Nursing as a Career

Join Nursing as a Career

Gallup has recently published its updated catalog of the most trusted professions in the United States. In December, the survey asked respondents to rate different occupations as per “honesty and ethics.” For the 19th consecutive time, people determined that nurses were the most trusted professionals in the country. In the last four months of 2020, more nurses’ demand increased by 245%, which translates to 50,000 individuals. Can there be a better time to pursue a career in the healthcare industry! But let’s still review some significant reasons to become a nurse in 2021!

Reasons to Become a Nurse

The services of our nurses during the initial stages of the epidemic didn’t go unnoticed. The world recognized and celebrated 2020 as the “Year of the Nurse and the Midwife.” This respect can motivate anyone to pursue this career. But there are more than one reasons to become a nurse, such as:

  • It’s a Satisfactory Job

Who doesn’t found patient-caring a spiritually-fulfilling job! A 2018 survey revealed that more than 90% of nurses were “glad” for choosing this occupation. Similarly, a 2019 survey showed that around 80% of RNs felt satisfied with their job responsibilities. This field allows them to contribute to the development of the public health sector. The coronavirus pandemic has given many nurses the status of martyrs; their dedication has encouraged many millennials to enter this career.

  • It Offers a Nice Payday

You might’ve heard that RNs earn around $70,000 every year on average. Well, that’s what the nursing staff generally makes throughout twelve months. But many professions within nursing have better wages. For instance, nurse midwives and anesthetists make more than $100,000 annually! Also, continued education contributes further to your yearly payday. That’s why nurses today are now pursuing a master’s degree instead of a bachelor’s one to acquire better incomes.

  • It Has Career Growth Options

Many hospitals today now only employ nurses with a bachelor’s degree. But the trend is shifting to accept better-educated individuals now. And soon, masters may become the least requirement for future candidates. Nurses can now choose online msn to achieve the imperative academic qualifications comfortably and conveniently. Such career growth opportunities have enabled people to switch over to nursing and find a future in this humanitarian field.

  • It’s Backed By Community 

As a nurse – like most professions – you won’t be alone! A plethora of organizations support the institution of nursing and speak on behalf of the medical staff. The digital age has brought these unions closer and made them stronger. For instance, the American Nursing Association is an umbrella organization encompassing many smaller alliances. These groups run well-celebrated blogs and podcasts to further the cause of making nursing a better profession for the workers.

  • It’s a Flexible Career

A nurse’s job isn’t carefree or easygoing. But they do have the privilege of working within a flexible schedule over which they enjoy some control. They also have many options to choose from, such as the location of employment. There are many workplaces for the healthcare staff. They can find work in traditional settings such as clinics and hospitals. But they can also become travel nurses where they move from hospital to hospital. This situation is more adventurous and thrilling for some.

  • It Gives You Many Benefits

A career in nursing doesn’t come without its many field-related benefits. Nurses working for nonprofits/government can have their loans forgiven. They can also avail personal days and paid vacations under PTO (paid-time-off). Continued education promises them tuition reimbursement. Then we have pension plans, life insurance, and a flexible work schedule. These benefits enable our proud healthcare professionals to work with enthusiasm and concentration.

  • It Has a Wide Job Outlook

The nursing shortage in the United States is a well-documented fact. Many healthcare industry members stand on the verge of retirement; the nursing institution is currently seeking youngblood to fill the gaps. Registered nursing is the fifth occupation with the largest number of employment positions projected for this decade. That’s why nursing has become a lucrative option for young graduates.

  • It’s a Wide Range of Careers

As we’ve mentioned above, nurses have multiple subfields to choose from and various careers to pursue. A 21st-century can become a blogger, teacher, admin, entrepreneur, policymaker, and researcher. Some individuals combine their studies with jurisprudential discourses and become legal nurse consultants; others seek career advancement in humanitarian work and the public health sector. This wide range makes nursing a career more worthwhile than others.

  • It’s Your True Calling

Finally, the nursing profession offers multiple opportunities for social work and humanitarian activities. It allows you to assist patients suffering from chronic ailments and require consolation to survive the ordeal. You also provide emotional support to the bereaving families and comfort the patient’s relatives. This vocation is tremendously humbling and rewarding. It helps you bring some real change into a misfortunes-ridden world and fill people’s lives with happiness.


The World Health Organization predicted a need-based shortage of around 5.7 million nurses in 2030. Hence, experts have proposed an 8% increase in annual nursing graduates’ numbers to combat this upcoming dearth. No wonder this profession has seen remarkable growth since last year. The nursing institution will enlarge exponentially to meet people’s mounting needs for high-quality medical facilities since COVID-19 has sufficiently highlighted the need for an expanded workforce. So, current graduates can acquire better-paying positions and long-term job security in the future. Some nursing programs have also relaxed their admission criteria, motivating more youngsters to join the ranks.


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