The Must Have Items For The Perfect Games Room

Games Room

Many of us have been adapting our homes over the last 12 months. For some of us, it’s all been about creating office space and ensuring we can work from home effectively. For those with that little bit more space, it’s most certainly been a case of ramping up the entertainment factor and going carte blanche on a games room. 

The likes of darts, bingo and board games have been huge during the period and if you are going to go all-in on them, then you need the right surroundings. But what are the must-have items for a games room? 

Pool Table

If you have the room, then no games room is complete without a pool table. It’s an item that goes back hundreds of years when it comes to games rooms, with billiards tables once being the main feature of the room. 

Of course, things have moved on slightly since then and the modern home should certainly enjoy a pool table within its games room, even if it is smaller than standard size.


The drinks should be flowing too, with plenty of refreshments available. At a minimum a fridge should be in there, at the most a full on bar set up. The number of people setting up home bars during the past 12 months was quite staggering alongside barbeque areas, and while the latter won’t fit in a games room, a bar certainly will.

Propping up the corner of a games room, or perhaps even gifted a more prominent position, it’s a must-have if you’re going to do it properly.

Bingo Drawer

If you’re going to enjoy games in style with family and friends, then why not consider going all out and getting a bingo drawer. Online bingo has been huge over the past year, and when it comes to finding the best online bingo sites there are tons to choose from, but why not create games for yourself if there are enough of you to play.

You can find devices to draw bingo balls on the likes of Amazon relatively cheaply and it certainly offers a good alternative to the likes of pool, for those who want a little bit of fun, without the need of skill or an especially competitive edge.


If the pool table dominates the centre of any games room, the dartboard needs to enjoy a position on the wall. Darts is a hugely fun game with dozens of variations for players to enjoy. You can go simple with just a board hung on the wall, or you can get stuck in with a full set up, including electronic scoreboard, oche and wall protector to give your space real professional vibes.


All of these items need to be set to a great backdrop of music. There are many ways in which you can enjoy music, from picking up an Echo or smart speaker, to investing in an old school jukebox, which would really take your games room to the next level, and perhaps even complete it.


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