The History of Baccarat

History of Baccarat


Baccarat games are the most popular casino games known to the casino world. The game has a luminous history that has a good impact on the casino world.  Baccarat game has complicated origins that cannot be tracked by simple means. The main point of origin of baccarat games is still unknown. But the game’s popularity is top-notch.  Because of its mysterious and intriguing nature, it is loved by all casino players in Thailand where it is called บาคาร่าออนไลน์

Many historians say that the baccarat game was invented in the 19Th century, and from this time, it is transforming its face as per the needs of the decade. The game is famous from that ancient time in Golden Slot Casino.

The baccarat game started in Italy first

Though the game does not have any distinct origin, Italy is considered the first country to start it. All citizens of Italy started to play baccarat in their leisure times, and it became famous there. It is believed that the baccarat game was created by a man of Italy names Felix Faliguire in the 1400s. The game which he was created is called baccara.  It implies zero Italian dialect. 

 It is said that the Italian game baccara was based on an old Etruscan legend virgin who had thrown nine-sided dice.  After this, she was regarded as a priestess for the whole of Italy. The virgin here played the old and primitive form of baccarat game. 

Later on, the game changed to some forms after coming to the existence of a real game. The real and authentic game of baccarat was played slightly differently from the primitive ones. The baccarat cards are four in number. The four players can play the game, and among them, one becomes the banker. The four players bet on each other to win the game. Nowadays, the baccarat game has transformed itself into a new form where the players bet on each other and against the house. By this, they win their considerable money amounts. 

Baccarat in France 

The baccarat game traveled to France from Italy, where it transformed into some other form called: Chemin de Fer. The game gained popularity so much there, which even kinged Charles VIII and played it very fondly. After this, the game went to all people in France, including the noblemen and aristocrats also. From here the baccarat game went to England where it is famous now also. 

Baccarat at America 

The game migrated to South America, where the name knew it of Ponto Bronco. At initial times, the game was adapted to the local culture people of America. But soon, it went viral to other regions of South America also.  Baccarat game here changed: the players are only against the house, not against each other.  The game then made its way to many regions and countries, transforming itself and forming the new form of baccarat game. 


Baccarat game has a long history that has traveled to many parts of the world especially in SE Asia. Every part has transformed the game according to their ritual or customs.  Now, it is seen that a large part of casino players are fond of Baccarat games in a good way.


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