Top Tips and Tricks When Using Augers In Your Garden

Augers In Garden

The augers in garden are a great invention. They have been around for many years, potentially since the Middle Ages. However, the first powered version is believed to have been created by John Habluetzel in 1943. If you’re looking to create holes in your garden this is a much better option than the more traditional spade.

In essence, the best earth augers in garden are very simple to use. They attach to a standard drill, corded or cordless, and you place the tip against the ground. The auger does all the work for you, no pressure is required.

Of course, it also creates perfect holes that are the same size every time. This makes it a great tool for planting, putting in fence posts, or even drilling a well. 

If you’ve decided to invest in an earth augers in garden then there are a few tips you should be aware of to make the process as simple as possible:

Know Your Size

You can buy or rent one auger in the right size or you can get a collection of them. It’s advisable to get several different sizes as this will allow you to perform an array of different tasks in your garden.

However, the most important thing is to get the right auger for the job in hand. For example, if you’re planting a three-inch bulb then get a three or four-inch auger. 

Be Gentle With your Auger

Augers are tough pieces of kit but they don’t need to be placed under pressure by you. Let it cut its own way through the soil and always follow the provided instructions. This will reduce the likelihood of it breaking mid-drill and potentially causing you an injury.

Note, while an injury is more likely when using a high-powered earth auger, it is still possible with your handheld unit.

Remove The Grass

If you’re planning on using the earth auger on grassy areas you may find it preferable to remove the grass top layer first. Augers are very efficient at cutting through the soil but the top layer of grass can actually get tangled in the auger and cause issues. It’s much easier just to lift this and then you can replace it after if desired. 

Mark Your Holes

Before you start you should mark out all the holes you want to make and their exact locations. This will make it easier for you to move around your garden and get all the necessary holes cut in minimal time. It will also help to keep you focused on creating the hole, not on whether you’re in the right spot.

Keep It Vertical

To create a good hole you need to keep the auger vertical while drilling. This ensures the hole goes straight down and not off to the side. Holes that are angled are an issue for planting and a pain to fill before re-drilling.

It’s better, and easier, to get it right the first time. Don’t forget, a hole slightly wider than you need is preferable, which will make the planting or post installing much easier.



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