Why a Bad Paint Job Can Ruin Your Home Value

Ruin Your Home Value

Even in today’s down market, real estate is holding strong with millions of of properties selling throughout the year. As we notice which houses are moving and which are sitting/subject to hard negotiations, one of the key factors that we’re seeing prompt sales is something that most people aren’t thinking of. Keep reading to find why bad paint can ruin your home value.

That something is a quality exterior paint job.

Sure, exterior paint shouldn’t be at the top of your list if you’re a home seller looking to make adjustments to your property before putting it on the market. It should be close to a top priority though as a bad paint job can lead to a lot of trouble and ruin your home value for resale.

Don’t believe us? Keep reading to take in a couple of reasons why bad paint and bad prices go hand in glove.

Curb Appeal Affect Buyer Behavior

If you believe that first impressions matter, then you’re going to agree with the idea that bad paints ruin your home value and hurts your home’s salability. That’s because the very first thing home buyers will see when they arrive at your open house is how your home looks from the outside.

That means things like your home’s lawn, foliage, and yes, its paint, will all create a first impression for consumers that, if negative, will affect their willingness to bid or at very least the price they’ll offer.

Bad Colors Mean Buying Into Angry Neighbors

Nobody likes to live next door to a rainbow house. As a matter of fact, in talking to various home buyers we know, one of the top reasons they prefer living in HOA-controlled areas is because they want recourse if their neighbors choose to do something obscure with their home’s facade.

If a buyer is moving into a house that looks funky, chances are, they suspect they’re moving into a house that already has attracted a fair amount of negative attention from neighbors. Starting on the wrong foot with community members isn’t at the top of most home buyer’s to-do lists which again, will affect how much they’re willing to pay.

Poorly Kept Paint Needs to Be Redone

Not all bad paint revolves around poor color choices. Sometimes, exterior paint just hasn’t been managed in a long time which means it needs to be redone.

To buyers, that signals two things. First off, a bad paint job will, as we mentioned, affect their first impression which may lower or disqualify their willingness to bid. Second, they’ll certainly think to themselves that they’ll have to read more about and invest in having a pro come in to redo your paint, which they’ll deduct from their offer.

A Bad Paint Job Has No Place in Your Sale Workflow

Exterior paint affects home value. Given that it’s easy to fix a bad paint job before you put your house on the market, we implore you to take care of it.

Our team wishes you the best as you look for a buyer for your house. If you’d like additional guidance on how best to manage your property’s sale, explore additional content on our blog.


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