Why Do You Need a Lake County DUI Attorney for a First-Time DUI Offence?

Why Do You Need a Lake County DUI Attorney for a First-Time DUI Offence

If you have been convicted with DUI (Driving Under Influence) charges in Lake County, Illinois, the penalties depend on several factors, including your age, BAC level, and previous DUI convictions.

However, a first-time DUI offense is treated as a class A misdemeanor, for which you can be fined up to $2,500, imprisoned for up to one year, your vehicle registration may be suspended, or your driving privileges may be revoked for one year. Criminal charges and community services are also a part of DUI charges in Lake County.

Are you charged with DUI in Lake County for the first time? You need a Lake County attorney DUI to defend your case and minimize penalties. Have a look at some reasons why you must hire a specialized DUI attorney for a first-time DUI offense.

They Assess Your Case

Owing to the varying circumstances in a DUI case and different laws involved in different conditions, the possible penalties and consequences of DUI depend on several factors. A specialized attorney can help you get an idea of the potential imprisonment and fines you have to bear should your case go for trial.

Since dui felony lawyers deal with DUI cases only, they know the entire process inside out, including the hidden options you may not be aware of. Many offer a free consultation, during which you can understand the process and see how a lawyer can help you.

They Let You Know the Options

Even if you are within the US, the DUI charges and penalties for one state may vary from the other. In Lake County, you will have to face harsh punishment if you were arrested with over 0.8% of the BAC level. There are different laws for DUI drivers under 21 years of age.

An attorney will let you know if you are eligible for plea bargaining or community service. With an understanding of overlapping court jurisdictions, they can explain to you the consequences that you have to face with a drunk driving conviction. If you need to know how to check if you have a felony for free, websites such as backgroundrepair.org offer the service online at no cost.

They Make the Process Manageable

Dealing with Lake County’s motor vehicle department and 19th Judicial Circuit Court can be time-consuming and frustrating. A DUI attorney is proficient in managing the entire process on your behalf by filling the forms, filing the petitions, making phone calls, scheduling and representing you on hearings, and making other required arrangements.

Since an experienced Lake County DUI attorney is well-versed with the ins and outs of the court, they can obtain as lenient a sentence for you as possible. They know which argument would work best in your situation.

They Defend You Against the Charges

The most important thing that a DUI lawyer can help you with is defending you against the prosecution charges. They do this in many ways, including witness statements, evidence, using the trial to show a not-guilty verdict. The attorney takes the responsibility of communicating with the judge and gets in touch with the prosecutor to discuss better outcomes.

If you have been convicted of DUI for the first time, it makes sense to get in touch with a Lake County Attorney DUI and let them represent your case with the most reasonable option.


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