Showing Your Service: Why You Should Wear Police Patches

Why You Should Wear Police Patches

Did you know that beyond your uniform, police patches can be important aspects of your professional identity? Not only do they aid as eye-catching identifiers while you’re on-duty, but they can also be important ways to help build rapport within the community.

It can be used to show support for a police department or to show pride in one’s profession. Custom patches can also be used to show solidarity with the police force. provides a wide variety of custom patches that can be placed on police uniforms. 

With this in mind, read on to learn the top reasons why you should wear custom police patches every time you’re on the job!

Symbols of Service

Custom police patches let other people in the vicinity know that you’re one of the people that run forward while others run back. It designates you as a person to go to in the time of an emergency. You’ll notices that other industries come with custom patches as well, such as EMS workers, firefighters, and more.

Shared Identity

Patches can also give you a shared sense of identity and camaraderie with your department. Beyond your uniform, patches can include numbers to designate your department.

They can include symbols that represent the local area, or even local landmarks. The police patch design is able to be more creative than your standard uniform, instilling pride in your profession.

Celebrating Community

Another important aspect of police patches is that they help connect you with your community. For instance, police vest patches can change colors for breast cancer awareness or honor those who have passed away. The artwork within the patches can be more intricate than you may expect, showcasing local art, history, and culture.

The best part about these unique patches is that they can help start conversations with people in the community. An important aspect of policing is finding common ground, and patches can be the first small step forward.

Eye-Catching Symbols

Custom state police patches also help make it easier for people to identify you. The best patches use a combination of embroidery and bright colors. They can also include interesting shapes and symbols in order to create an eye-catching display. Much like custom logos, some common shapes and symbols in patches create a strong impression at only a glance.

For instance, the shield symbol is common on patches because of its symbolism for protection, bravery, and strength. With over 18,000 police departments in the United States, you can see why a custom patch is important to differentiate your department from the rest.

You can try police-patchesin order to order custom patches today.

Custom Police Patches to Show Your Service

Custom police patches are one of the most effective ways to show that you’re on-duty. Moreover, a well-designed custom patch can also create an eye-catching way of showing the department you belong to as well as your pride in your community.

Colorful patches with beautiful designs can show both colleagues and civilians that you take pride in what you do. They can help connect people over common causes and build rapport through a refined visual language.

Ready for more tips to upgrade your uniforms? Keep reading for more informative articles!


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