How to Scope Out Online Gambling Scams: Red Flags to Look For

Online Gambling

Did you know that 51% of the population gambles in some way and some online gambling websites see over 14 million players per day? Unfortunately, like with everything else, there are plenty of online gambling sites that are not very honest with their players. We have put together this short guide to help you avoid online casino scams that are simply out to steal money for their own gain.

Keep reading to get familiar with the red flags you want to look out for before you start betting your money online.

1. Terms and Conditions

One thing that you want to look out for when gambling on Online Cricket Betting ID is the terms and conditions. Every single casino will have this and the best online gambling sites will have very clear terms and conditions that are easy to understand. If you come across a site that is trying to scam you the terms and conditions will heavily favor the casino and not the player.

They might do things like limit your playing options, or they might have a limit on the amount you can withdraw in a day. Before you put any money into an online casino read the terms and conditions thoroughly and make sure that you understand them 100%. Any terms and conditions that seem fishy – stay away from that casino.

2. Withdraw Issues

If you begin to play on an online gambling site and start to notice that you are constantly having issues trying to withdraw your money – this is a major red flag. Shady casinos are going to do everything they can to prevent people from cashing out their money.

They might start asking you to send them verification documents that you have already sent just to stall time. Some go as far as emailing you that the withdraw was sent and they end up not sending anything and suddenly closing down your account. As soon as you notice withdrawing issues, the best thing to do is see if you can get any of your money back and delete your account.

3. Licensing

Reputable casinos are licensed by a reputable licensing authority such as MGA or UKGC. If you notice that a casino online is not licensed then do not gamble on their site. Keep in mind that sometimes you will come across a site that displays the logo as if they had a license but if you do your research on the casino and the company you can find out whether or not their license is real.

This kind of information can be checked online with the regulator of that license.

4. Business Practices

This is a red flag that is a bit harder to spot at first. Shady casinos will usually promise incredible incentives and huge bonuses but end up only paying a fraction of what they said. In some cases, they will start to avoid the winner. Once they are questioned by the player they might send short responses such as read the fine print or they might come up with another excuse of why the payout was less.

Take the time to read reviews for the online casino you are considering. Any reviews that mention this type of behavior, is a major red flag to not gamble there and find a casino that comes through on their payouts.

5. Customer Service

The good casinos will have customer support staff ready to answer any questions at all times. Their customer service representatives will always sound happy to help and will take the time to listen and answer your questions without an issue.

Shady casinos, on the other hand, will be completely opposite. They might fail to respond to you, they will ignore you, their agents might be super pushy asking you to deposit more money, or they might just be rude. We recommend calling their customer service or emailing them before you start putting your money into their site.

Evaluate whether you felt like they tried to help you or not and if they seem rude then move on to another site.

6. Account Closures

Take a look at all the testimonials and reviews to see if anyone experienced their account randomly being closed. Anytime you see multiple people saying that their account was closed without explanation, stay away. Usually, a rogue casino will do this after a player hits a huge bonus or after a big win.

Real and reputable casinos will never close a player’s account for no reason. If your account were to be accidentally closed they should have no problem rectifying the situation.

7. Restricted Wagering

People join online casinos to win money and easily take it out as they please, therefore if you notice that there is a high cashout requirement, this is a red flag. Some casinos will make you deposit your money and then make the cashout conditions so high that you can never take your “earnings” out.

Be very cautious about the conditions to cash out your money. A reputable casino will either have a very low minimum amount like $10 or they will not have any minimum amount in place.

Feeling Like an Online Gambling Pro?

We hope that now that you are aware of the scams to look out for when you are online gambling, we hope you can enjoy yourself more without much worry. Hopefully, you are feeling more confident that you can spot real online gambling sites instead of fake ones.

Did this article come in handy today? Please browse around the rest of this section for more helpful tips and reads.


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