Wedding Gift Ideas

Wedding Gift Ideas

If you have friends who are about to say I do, you have probably wondered what you should get them to celebrate their nuptials. They may have made your job easy by registering at a store or they may be relying upon you to know them well enough to get them the perfect bobble. If this is the case, there are a few things you can do to make sure your present stands out in a crowd and endears you to them forever.

Send Them on a Trip

Couples need their alone time and their actual honeymoon won’t last forever. You can send them on a couple’s weekend or give them a gift certificate to a travel website such as  Priceline or Airbnb.

If all of that sounds a bit extravagant to you, you can give the couple a staycation. Treat them to a night on the town complete with theater tickets and a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant.

A trip to a day spa is always a good idea, married people have been known to let themselves go. Spa treatments can help keep them looking like the people who swiped right on one another.

If there is a museum they have never been to, you can always get them a day pass. A day at an amusement park can also be fun for a couple.


Let’s face it, getting married is expensive. A lot of couples are opting to have their wedding guests just make a cash contribution to their nuptials. Some people end up paying for their wedding for years. If you are a person of means, feel free to give them as much as you think their love may cost. If you are on a budget, try to figure out the cost of your portion of the meal and drinks.

Wedding Souvenirs

It is always fun to offer a little bling for guests to bring home from a wedding. Unfortunately, it is an extravagance many couples cannot afford. You can give them their present before the wedding begins by providing souvenirs that people can take home from the wedding.

There are several sites on the internet that will let you design things like custom shirts, mugs, and cell phone cases. You can even make gift bags with fancy nuts, wine, and a mug. Romantic love may be fleeting, but a coffee mug can last a really long time and a mask can help save your life. Even if the marriage ends in divorce, people will always remember the wedding.

Unnecessary But Fun Electronic Equipment

Do your friends have a karaoke machine or a bread maker? Is their living room missing an anti-gravity massage chair? If so, you may want to get one for them. They will always associate you with fun if you get them a green screen to use for making YouTube videos.

Originality and fun are the keys to successful gift buying. If you listen to most marriage counselors, it is also the key to a successful relationship.


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