Customising Your Yamaha Raptor

Customising Your Yamaha Raptor

When you get a Yamaha Raptor as the ultimate toy, you may wish to customise it and make it stand out. There are many ways that you can do this, and it does not have to cost a lot of money unless you are looking to improve your performance. Below are some of the ways that you can customise your quad bike which you can do yourself, or if you have the budget, choose to use the more expensive services of a specialist.  

Customise The Colour

The first place you may wish to start is by changing the colour of your quad bike, although this will need to be done professionally to ensure that it still looks fantastic. An easier way than sending your Yamaha Raptor to the paint shop is adding decals to your bike which is a cost-effective and straightforward way to customise it. 

A New Set Of Shoes

You can also decide to get new and maybe bigger wheels for your Raptor, and it is one way that you cannot only alter the look of the quad bike, but it can also have an effect on the performance. If you are changing the sizes of the wheels on your quad bike, you may also need to look at the suspension.

Changing The Suspension

If you are increasing the size of the tyres, or you want to enhance the performance of your machine, you can also look at changing the suspension. You will want to select the best suspension system for the surfaces you usually drive on, and you can do this yourself or take your quad bike to a reputable garage and provide them with the parts. When it comes to parts for quad bikes like Yamaha Raptor parts UK dealers offer, you will find that there’s a wide selection of different components for sale. You may wish to speak to the dealer where you bought the quad bike and see if they stock the necessary parts for you.

Make Changes To The Engine

You may also wish to make changes to the engine, such as having a larger one, so there is more power. However, unless you have the mechanical experience, you will need to use the reliable mechanic to do this for you, especially if you have a road legal quad bike which needs to pass an MOT. When it comes to the engine of your quad bike, you do not want to take any chance, so ensure that you use a reputable mechanic to do this for you and that offers you some form of warranty with the work they have done. 

The Lights

You can also customise the lights on your Raptor and change the colour of them, add LED lights, or even add a couple of spot lights to the front of the vehicle, giving you plenty of light when it is dark outside. Upgrading or adding lights is a simple task, and there is plenty of information available online on how to do this. 

Add A Tow Bar

Add A Tow BarIf you are going to be using your quad bike for agricultural tasks, then adding a tow bar to the back of the vehicle can be very handy on farms and other similar places. If you are going to be towing something heavy, you will need to ensure that you fix the towbar securely to the quad bike, which may require some welding.


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