6 Tips To Know If You’re Getting Your Carpet Cleaned

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If you’re thinking of getting your carpet cleaned, we have some words of wisdom for you. 

Carpet cleanings can be quite a challenge sometimes. There are a lot of factors to keep in mind, and there is also the worry that your carpet (which we’re sure wasn’t cheap) might come back ruined or damaged. 

If you want to make sure that your carpet cleaning procedure goes smoothly, here are some tips that we recommend. These are some simple yet important things that will surely make things a whole lot easier. 

1. Read The Reviews 

If you’re going to hire a professional carpet cleaning service to have your carpet cleaned, make sure that you read their reviews. This might seem a bit redundant, but trust me when I say it’s important. Going through the reviews can give you an excellent idea of the quality of their services, and about the processing and redressal as well. The easiest way to search for reviews is through Google. For instance, if you live in Lafayette, simply search “Carpet Cleaning West Lafayette” and read the reviews of the companies that come up. Choose the one that suits you best. 

2. Don’t Go Out Of Budget

Yes, carpets do require quite a bit of maintenance. However, that doesn’t mean that you’ll have to empty your coffers and shell out tons of money. A lot of people tend to spend a lot on carpet cleaning, and we say that’s unnecessary. Instead, create an averagely-priced budget for yourself and stick to it. Carpet cleanings don’t have to be elaborate affairs at all. Carpets, especially the high-quality ones, require just a good wash and dry, along with regular vacuuming. Just doing that will make your carpets last a long time. There is no need for extremely fancy products or elaborate procedures. 

3. Always Keep Carpet Specifications In Mind

The kind of treatment that a carpet will require will vary depending on its make and model. The dyes and fabric used, the stitches done, the processing, everything affects how it needs to be cleaned. That’s why you must keep these features in mind. Otherwise, you might end up making a wrong decision or give the wrong information to the carpet cleaner, which will surely lead to disaster. For instance, if you don’t convey the kind of material and dye the carpet is made of to the cleaners, there is the possibility that they might use a harsh cleaner that ends up bleaching or ruining your carpet. 

4. Use Your Warranties

If you’ve purchased your carpet from a branded store or a renowned carpet seller, there’s a high chance that your carpet has come with numerous warranties. These warranties are provided to fix any mishaps that may have ruined your carpet, whether that’s a stain, matting, etc. If you’re getting your carpet cleaned because you’ve had an accident, take a look at the warranty list and check to see if it covers the cleaning procedure. Warranties for stains usually take care of the cleaning procedure, and you might end up not having to pay any money. So take care to check your list of warranties, and have a chat with your seller, since you might have the opportunity of saving money. 

5. Sort Out Your Queries

When you’re hiring a carpet cleaning service for the first same, or you’re trying out the services of a company for the first time, don’t be hesitant to sort your queries out. If you’re not satisfied with the information on the website, or you have some queries of your own, make sure that you get them sorted. This might seem like a simple tip, but it’s an essential one as it’ll prevent future misunderstandings and confusion. Not sorting out your queries before the appointment will result in disagreements as you may have to end up paying extra or encounter some other kind of inconvenience. 

6. Specify The Kind of Cleaning You Want

Carpet cleanings have a lot of variety to them, and they differ significantly. There are the usual water-based cleaning methods, steam-cleaning methods that use steam to loosen up existing dirt and there are even chemical-based cleaning processes such as dry clean. Make sure that you decide the kind of cleaning method you want, and make this decision keeping in mind factors like your carpet materials, time at hand (since water-based cleaning is a long process due to a significant drying time), and much more.


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