Top Trends in Women’s Fashion for 2020

Fashion for the year 2020

Women’s fashion had a tremendous year in 2020, with trends ranging the gamut from 80’s fashion to a variety of specific stylistic choices that have changed the game. Whatever your particular taste in clothing may be, you will likely find that this year – as strange as it was in so many ways – was a good year for fashion

The following are a few of the more interesting trends in women’s fashion for the year 2020: 

Clothes for curvy and plus-sized women

There’s been an increasing trend in women’s fashion to be more realistic and this involves making clothing and styles for women that do not fit into the ridiculous (and arguably unhealthy) standards of traditional models. 

The trend towards curvy and plus size boutique clothing includes form-fitting dresses, rompers, and jumpsuits as well as strategic and bold accessories like belts, necklaces, bracelets, and large loop earrings.

This trend also offers curvy and plus-sized women ideas on how to pull off skirts and dresses and even the right kinds of bras and shapewear that are not only comfortable but accentuate the body’s best features. 

80s fashion makes (another) comeback!

The 1980s has made a comeback in many different cultural fields. The ’80s film aesthetic is strong, as are ’80s synthetic musical tracks, and even graphic art styles, which seem to mimic the decade at every chance. It just seems to be a fact: we’re obsessed with the ’80s. Whether this will play itself out or not remains to be seen, but in the meantime, it has infected fashion full-stop. 

’80s fashion in 2020 covers everything from business suits to excessive color combinations like funky, acidic tones of yellow, green, and electric blue. The trend also includes materials like lurex, leather, woolens, leggings, and jeans.

Don’t forget brightly colored silk shirts, baggy clothes (contrasting or sometimes complementing the skinny jeans of the last decade), trendy floral shirts, thigh high fishnet stockings with dresses or skirts, leather jackets (yep, they’re back!), droopy sleeves, neon jackets, and more.


Layering clothes is a smart way to dress in preparation for fluctuating winter temperatures but it’s also a stylish trend that has really caught on in 2020. Especially as the cold holiday season approaches, the following styles are in vogue:

~ Fitted black turtlenecks are good enough for Kim Kardashian, so maybe you could try it out. It works layered with sweaters, coats, dresses, maxiskirts, etc.

~ Printed, button-down shirts are in with celebrities like Mindy Kaling and are popularly combined with sweatshirts, sweaters, cardigans, or collar-up crewnecks.

~Worn-in denim jackets are a great combination of vintage style with winter coat layering that can keep you warm.

~Fit-and-flare skirts pair well with cropped sweaters, cardigans, blazers, blouses, and crop tops.

~White-hot blazers are in, totally defying the color black, which usually dominates the blazer game. Georgia May Jagger wears one with a sparkly top and velvet jeans. 


Patchwork was originally a ‘60s trend popular among hippies but fashion designers reappropriated it back into hotness in 2019 and it’s still going strong. Its aesthetics range from stone-washed jackets punctuated with checkerboard variations of blue to Bohemian-style dresses, leather boiler suits, and more. Some people are even incorporating patchwork into their work ensembles, though this is a dangerous game that we can’t in good conscience recommend to just anyone. 

Other patchwork fashion trends include pencil skirts, sleeveless vests, monochromatic tones, and statement bags paired with otherwise muted ensembles.


The asymmetrical trend in fashion can be seen in skirts that feature higher front or side hems. They are high on the thigh and simultaneously low to the ankle – a so-called high-low skirt, otherwise called a Mullet or Waterfall skirt. The key feature is an angled hemline that can be worn in the front, side, or back. This aesthetic actually dates back to the Victorian era and has been popular in various ages since then.

Asymmetric dresses tend to put great emphasis on the legs, featuring materials that seem to flow along with your body as your walk. Some of the more popular styles of asymmetric fashion include your trendy basis dress, Chiffon Flounce dress, the Petite Alicia Strapless High-Low Gown, the Belted Maxi Dress Style, the Spring Back Sequin Asymmetrical Dress, the Origami Style Anarkali, and more. 

Additional trends for 2020 include:

~cropped blazers

~Ivory Crop Double Breasted Suit Blazers

~doll dresses, jasmine dresses, and short sleeve babydoll dresses

~bra tops under jackets and sweaters

~cropped stretch-knit top

~Marigold and axel tangerine

~amalia knit sweater

~Voluminous, sheer overlays (speaking of layering)

The list goes on and on. We could mention complex garments like lucid sheer hoodie robes, ocelot side ruched dresses, white drawstring sleeve shirts, and voluminous sleeve dress blanc, or simple ensembles like wearing dresses with pants, black fishnet dresses, and eyelash cropped cardigans. Or we could get experimental with tiered dresses, over-the-top ruffles, Taffeta Ruffle Miniskirts, holographic multi-chrome oil-slick metallics, and marvel leggings.

The choice is yours. Fashion for the year 2020 was weird; we might as well get weird with it.



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